Concordance® discovery software offers an effective, cost-efficient way to manage the high volume of documents—including depositions, transcripts, email and other e-discovery—that are generated during litigation. With this powerful technology, you can easily identify, organize and analyze case-critical information and collaborate and share across your agency.

Organize and manage immense volumes of litigation data

    Concordance makes it easy to manage litigation documents and OCR text. It can handle over 33 million records per database and allows up to 250 customizable fields per record.

      Import, search and organize email and other electronic discovery documents

        The Concordance email Wizard directly imports Microsoft® Outlook® files, retaining all original formatting, hyperlinks, attachments and metadata. The Electronic Document Wizard makes it simple to load and search Word, Excel®, PowerPoint®, WordPerfect®, PDFs, HTML, XML and more.

          Quickly locate key documents

            Concordance includes one of the fastest search engines in the industry, enabling you to search by word, phrase, date, email address and document type. You can save and rerun searches on up to 128 litigation databases simultaneously or search across email, spreadsheets, memos and prior testimony. And thanks to our new Simple Search Technology, even non-technical reviewers can quickly and effectively locate key documents with little prior experience.

              Manage transcripts more effectively

                With Concordance software, you can perform simple bulk imports and exports of both plain text (ASCII) and PCF transcripts, while retaining original formatting. With a single click of your mouse, you can “Go To” any document, page number or line number. Concordance also enables you to quickly add onto and search notes, issue codes and quick-marks and hyperlink directly to trial exhibits.

                  Collaborate and share case analysis with your team

                    New multi-level folders and public/private tag groups in Concordance provide improved organizational tools as well as statistics on who reviewed a particular set of documents, streamlining case management and collaboration.

                      Generate customized reports for fact review and trial preparation

                        The Concordance Report Wizard enables you to create numerous reports on the fly, such as witness kits, case chronology, privilege logs, Q&A sets, annotations, production history reports and more.

                          Instantly conduct legal research

                            The latest version of Concordance also includes an exciting new way for litigators to instantly conduct legal research right from their discovery documents. This industry-first integration lets litigators conduct research and increase case knowledge by sending highlighted text, key players and more to LexisNexis® Total Litigator.

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