TextMap® software automatically creates a searchable database of electronic transcripts from case depositions, examinations and other proceedings. It offers powerful cross-transcript searching, along with condensed transcript printing and a built-in PDF writer. You can even export portions of your database to CaseMap® case management software to improve the organization of your files and eliminate the need to create manual deposition transcript summaries.

Flexible transcript management

    TextMap® manages electronic transcripts in a variety of different formats, including e-transcripts with any number of lines per page and with or without headers and footers.

      Powerful cross-transcript searching

        TextMap enables you to quickly locate and view all references to a word or phrase across all electronic transcripts. You can even check transcripts during court or conference calls.

          Automatic transcript indexing

            Each transcript word is automatically indexed and added to a comprehensive concordance that summarizes all terms. This concordance tracks the number of times that each term appears in a transcript and even lists the pages and lines where it appears.

              Collaborative synchronization

                With TextMap, your entire litigation team can search transcripts, add notes and create transcript summaries at the same time, thanks to our easy-to-use replication and synchronization features.

                  A built-in PDF writer

                    TextMap makes it easy to create paper and PDF versions of many transcript-based reports. Generate search reports that include only those sections of your transcripts where a particular word or phrase appears, or condensed transcript reports where four transcript pages appear on one printed or PDF page. With the TextMap email option, you can create a PDF transcript and automatically attach it to an email message.

                      Seamless integration with CaseMap case analysis

                        With TextMap, you can automatically cull transcript summaries and organize vital points under the CaseMap® "key fact" chronology.

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