CourtLink® is a powerful legal research and decisioning tool that provides instant access to current court dockets and more than 200 million federal, state and local court records. CourtLink helps you monitor litigants and litigation and develop a winning case strategy by delivering insights on the key players of any case, including an opposing party, attorney or judge.

Search a comprehensive, up-to-date collection of court dockets

    CourtLink gives you instant access to current court dockets and more than 200 million federal, state and local court records. Search by litigant, attorney, law firm, jurisdiction, nature of suit and keyword to find relevant past and present business litigation activity.

      Develop comprehensive strategic profiles of your opposition

        With 20 years of federal, state and local court records data, CourtLink delivers critical insight into your opposing counsel’s practice-area experience, preferred strategies and history with specific judges. You can also research the history of opposing litigants to uncover similar cases and discern patterns of case resolution.

          Gather strategic intelligence on the judges assigned to your cases

            CourtLink judicial profiles enable you to learn whether the judge assigned to your case has substantial or limited experience in a particular area of law, and find out how he or she has ruled in similar cases in the past

              Conduct due diligence

                CourtLink locates court dockets that reveal litigation activity involving other agencies, alerting you to any conflicts or risks.

                  Get up-to-the-minute alerts about the latest court activity, filings and more

                    With the flexible CourtLink Alert feature, you can be the first to know about the latest information that affects your cases and practice areas. You’ll receive an automatic email notification when there is new information about relevant court activity. Base your alerts on specific types of legal subject matter in federal appellate or state courts, or on litigant name, attorney/firm or judge.

                      Easily order documents from any federal or state court nationwide

                        With the CourtLink document retrieval service, you can order court documents from any federal or state court nationwide, placing your order online or over the phone.

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