Revenue Discovery Solution

Detect tax fraud and boost revenue with LexisNexis® Revenue Discovery Solutions.
Each year, state and local governments lose millions of dollars in revenue because some individuals fail to file returns, under-report income, or file false claims for tax relief. Many of these individuals assume – often correctly – that their jurisdiction does not have the information and analytical resources to detect their single instance of fraud. Collectively, this population of individual tax evaders owes the jurisdiction a substantial amount of money, including the payment due (absent the original fraud), back taxes, and penalties. When tax evaders are not discovered, law-abiding taxpayers bear the brunt of the fraud, assuming a greater tax burden or going without needed services. LexisNexis Revenue Discovery Solutions provide state and local governments the capability to search billions of public records and leverage industry-leading data analytics to detect fraud, moving one step closer to discovering new revenue sources.


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