Revenue Discovery Solution

Detect tax fraud and boost revenue with LexisNexis® Revenue Discovery Solutions.
Each year, state and local governments lose millions of dollars in revenue because some individuals fail to file returns, under-report income, or file false claims for tax relief. Many of these individuals assume – often correctly – that their jurisdiction does not have the information and analytical resources to detect their single instance of fraud. Collectively, this population of individual tax evaders owes the jurisdiction a substantial amount of money, including the payment due (absent the original fraud), back taxes, and penalties. When tax evaders are not discovered, law-abiding taxpayers bear the brunt of the fraud, assuming a greater tax burden or going without needed services. LexisNexis Revenue Discovery Solutions provide state and local governments the capability to search billions of public records and leverage industry-leading data analytics to detect fraud, moving one step closer to discovering new revenue sources.

Detect Fraud with New Visibility

    LexisNexis Revenue Discovery Solutions help state and local governments detect fraud by increasing visibility into taxpayers and their assets. All too often, assessors, appraisers, and related tax authorities simply lack access to the public records needed to comprehensively view the taxpayer and his or her assets. While some states and large local governments use data warehouses to search for fraud, the warehouses are of limited value because they gather data from relatively few public records and data sources—on average 40-50 databases. As a result, jurisdictions do not have the complete taxpayer picture that is needed to detect fraud. LexisNexis Revenue Discovery Solutions provide access to over 20,000 LexisNexis data sources and leverage advanced search technology so that state and local governments can analyze large volumes of taxpayer data and detect tax fraud.

      Boost Revenue by Detecting Fraud

        Undiscovered tax fraud slowly siphons away revenue from state and local governments, and enables a false perception of the potential for tax revenue. Detecting fraud has the opposite effect – creating at least three possible new sources of revenue: the amount truly owed, back taxes, and penalties. LexisNexis Revenue Discovery Solutions help state and local governments boost revenue in these tough economic times by detecting common, but not easily discovered, types of tax fraud, including:


        False claims for tax refund requests


        False claims for homestead exemptions


        Avoiding income taxes on long-term property


        Failing to pay hospitality taxes on short-term rental agreements


        Avoiding payment of capital gains taxes


        Failing to pay taxes on luxury assets

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