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Pricing Plans

LexisNexis offers a variety of flexible and cost-effective pricing plans and options designed to best meet the needs of the customer. We offer two types of pricing:

  • Transactional and 
  • Flate Rate

Transactional Pricing

Within the Transactional Pricing type there are two plans: Hourly and Per Search. Each plan operates under the "pay-as-you-go" premise. Under the Hourly plan, customers pay for their use of the services based on their total time online and charged at a per hour rate. Under the Per Search plan, customers pay for services based on each search performed and charged at a per search rate.

Government customers are eligible for quantity or volume discounts.

Transactional pricing plans do not offer customers any budget predictability and monthly charges can vary based on the usage volume incurred. There are no content restrictions under this pricing type.

Flat Rate Pricing

There are two basic Subscription Pricing plans: Volume Bonus Plan and Authorized User Plan.

Each plan is based on a monthly fixed commitment from the customer in exchange for discounted rates. These plans offer complete budget predictability and have become our most popular plans, allowing customers to purchase our services at significant discounts. Content restrictions apply to a small number of premium databases under this pricing type.

Complimentary Services

LexisNexis offers the following services at no additional cost:

  • Literature - user manuals, online help, quick reference guides, etc.
  • Communications Software
  • 24 hour Customer Support

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