Congressional Publications
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The Congressional Publications search feature is the centerpiece of the LexisNexis® Congressional research service. It is made up of three search forms:

Basic Search

Advanced Search

Search by Number

Use these forms to access a comprehensive collection of congressional publications. Please note that access to the full range of the following congressional publication types is dependent on your institution's purchase/subscription arrangement:

Committee Hearings

Committee Prints

Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports

House and Senate Documents

House and Senate Reports

Senate Executive Report

Senate Executive Treaty Documents

Legislative Histories

U.S. Serial Set

Note: Access to the publications listed above is governed by your institution's purchases and subscriptions. For more information on coverage, refer to FAQs about Content and the Content Coverage Chart.

Basic Search

Use this form to perform keyword searches on congressional publication metadata records. Metadata records include titles and other bibliographic information, subject indexing, and abstracts where available. Using this form will return targeted results, finding records in which the search term represents a main theme. In cases where full text is available, the metadata record will link directly to the full text.

Advanced Search

Use this form to perform simple keyword searches or use Advanced Search options to further refine your search. Advanced Search options allow you to specify the publication resource (e.g., hearings, House and Senate documents, legislative histories, etc.) and document segment (e.g., title, subject, full text, etc.) to be searched.

Search by Number

Use this form when you know the citation for the publication you want to retrieve.