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Use the Keyword Search form to retrieve regulations by performing keyword searches on the text of the regulations. You may search for regulations published within either the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) or the Federal Register (FR)

For an example of how to use this form, refer to this user scenario.

Searching the Code of Federal Regulations

For the CFR, you may restrict your search to a specific agency. The agency name field works like any keyword search field, allowing the use of logical connectors and wildcard characters. You may also search using an agency's acronym—for example, you could use dod for the Department of Defense. Also, note that you can search only one year at a time.

Tip: Regulations within the Code of Federal Regulations are published by section; therefore, a keyword search may return the text for only a portion of a regulation. Once you have a citation number for a regulation, perform a Get a Document search using the ! (exclamation mark) wildcard character to retrieve all its sections. Refer to the tip in help for Get a Document for specific instructions.

Searching the Federal Register

The Federal Register keyword search allows restrictions by agency name, actions, and date. As with a CFR search, the agency name field allows you to use logical connectors and wildcard characters, and you can use an agency's acronym. The restrict by action option allows you to search on any action or limit your search to Final rules, Proposed rules, Presidential documents, Sunshine Act meetings, and Meeting notices. The restrict by action options correspond to sections of the Federal Register. The restrict on date option allows you to build a very specific time frame for the publication of the regulation.

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