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Use the Keyword Search form to perform keyword searches of the Congressional Record and the Rules of Congress.

The Congressional Record is the official record of the proceedings and debate of Congress, and is an excellent source for debates on a particular topic and for statements by specific speakers.  When Congress is in session, it is published daily.  LexisNexis Congressional updates Congressional Record data on a daily basis, and covers data from 1985 to present. Note that the version of the Congressional Record to which LexisNexis provides access is the daily version.

The Rules of Congress comprise the official House and Senate rules and Jefferson's Manual of Parliamentary Practice, the latter of which was authored by Thomas Jefferson during his Vice Presidency and has been Congress' principal procedural guide through the centuries.

For an example of how to use this form, refer to this user scenario.

Searching the Congressional Record

The Congressional Record "Enter search terms" field works like any other keyword search field, allowing for the use of logical connectors and wildcard characters.

If you want to find statements made by a specific member, use the "Restrict by speaker on the floor" option.

Tip: A keyword search does not apply to a specific speaker's comments, but to the transcript as a whole. For example, a keyword search on bridge to nowhere and Senator Rockefeller returns results in which both Senator Rockefeller and "bridge to nowhere" are mentioned, but the words "bridge to nowhere" were not spoken by Senator Rockefeller.

You may further refine your search by restricting by date and/or restricting by Congress.

For an example of a simple keyword search, try typing "Scooter Libby or stem cell research" into the search box.  For an example of a search to find the position of Member of Congress on a particular topic, type "Iraq" into the keyword search box and restrict by McCain or Obama.

Searching the Rules of Congress

When searching the Rules of Congress, you must specify which set of rules to search: House rules, Senate rules, or Jefferson's Manual of Parliamentary Practice. To do this, select from the Publication drop-down list. The keyword search field, as on other forms, allows you to use logical connectors and wildcard characters.

Tip: To retrieve a rule by its number, click the Get a Document tab.

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