Neha, a first year graduate student


Governance and Public Policy


Using Congressional primary source documents, write an analysis of Federal response to hurricanes that occurred prior to Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Focus on the response to one or two specific hurricanes


Find information about hurricanes other than Hurricane Katrina

Starting Info:

Topic is hurricanes, restricted to exclude Katrina

  1. Selects the Basic Search form from the LexisNexis Congressional options for Congressional Publications searches.

  2. Types Hurricanes AND NOT Katrina into the search box.

  3. Changes the date drop-down to All available dates and hits Search button.

  4. Retrieves results and prints the full citation list for future reference.

  5. Returns to search results and glances through titles for suggestions about names of specific hurricanes.

  6. Decides to search the full Hurricane search results for records that specifically mention Hurricane Andrew.

  7. Types Andrew in the FOCUS™ Search box to search within the results set, and clicks the GO button

  8. Retrieves focused results, clicks the expanded list tab, and notices that these results include not just information on Hurricane Andrew, but information on hurricanes and anyone named Andrew or Andrews, including Andrew Cuomo and Representative Mark Andrews.

  9. Types “Hurricane Andrew” in the FOCUS Search box and clicks the Go button.

  10. Retrieves new results, clicks the Expanded List tab, and notes that all records include information specifically about Hurricane Andrew.

  11. Prints the focused citation list for future reference, and is now ready to begin research for the analysis.

Search Tips: Refine your Basic Search by using connectors such as AND, AND NOT, OR, or W/N.  You can type them between terms in a search box or select AND, AND NOT, or OR from the drop-down between search term boxes.