Susan, a librarian at City College

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How do I find House Report Number 6 from the 108th Congress?


Find a specific legislative report

Starting Info:

 Bill number

  1. Selects the Basic Search form from the LexisNexis Congressional options for Congressional Publications searches.

  2. Already knows the format for searching for a report, so types Doc No: H. Rpt. 108-6 into the Basic Search form box, and selects 108th Congress from the Restrict by Congress option.

  3. Clicks the Search button.

  4. Opens the record to retrieve the abstract, and then clicks on the Doc No: H. Rpt. 108-6 to retrieve the full-text of the report.

Search Tips:  There are many Advanced Search and Search by Number searches that can be performed on the Basic form, once the user has learned what to enter. In cases where your are not sure how to enter search terms or execute a search, use the Advanced Search form or the Search by Number form which have numerous drop-downs and options to help the user.