Neha, a first year graduate student


Government and Politics


Use Senate Report 108-359 to analyze legislative intent behind Senate Bill S. 2840 from the 108th Congress


Locate Senate Report 108-359

Starting Info:

Number of the report and the number of the associated bill

  1. Selects the Basic Search form from the LexisNexis Congressional options for Congressional Publications searches.

  2. Types in Senate Report 108-359, but gets no results.

  3. Clears form.

  4. Types in Senate Bill S. 2840, but gets no results.

  5. Realizing that the search involves numbers, clicks on the Search by Number tab.

  6. Noting that the default task Find a Congressional Publication by Number is the needed task, decides to type in the publication number.

  7. Since the default publication type, H. Rpt., does not seem to be a match for Senate Report, scrolls down in the drop-down to S. Rpt., which seems to be the most probable match, and selects it.

  8. Compares the default number in the next box to the number of the report being searched, realizes that the number refers to the Congress, and selects the 108th Congress from the drop-down.

  9. Realizing that the first part of the number 108-359 is already represented by the Congress number drop-down, types 359 in the search box, and clicks the Search button.

  10. Retrieves one result—the exact publication sought.

  11. Clicks on the title and is taken to the finding record for Senate Report 108-359.

  12. Reads the abstract summary to obtain an overview of the report.

  13. Clicks on the highlighted report number in the Doc-No segment to retrieve the full text.

  14. Although nothing else is needed, goes back to Basic to see if Senate Report 108-359 could have been accessed from the Basic Search form. This time, types S. Rpt. 108-359 and gets the same result the Search by Number search returned; also tries typing S. 2840 on the Basic form and gets a results list which includes the desired report.

Search Tip: Number searches can be performed from the Basic and Advanced Search forms, but unless you learn and remember exactly how to enter numbers in the search form, you should go straight to the Search by Number form and use the drop-downs to help construct an accurate search.