Neha, a first year graduate student


Legislative Process


Select a bill currently under consideration in Congress and find out the status and sponsor and obtain the full text of the bill


Track information about a bill currently under consideration

Starting Info:

Need to find out status and sponsor of a bill under consideration

  1. Prior to beginning bill tracking, selects Political News & Hot Topics from the left-hand navigation bar for help in choosing a topic: selects Hot Bills & Topics, selects Go to Hot Bills & Hot Topics, chooses a topic from Bills Under Consideration, and finds a bill number to track.

  2. Selects Legislative Histories, Bills & Laws from the left-hand navigation bar.

  3. Selects the Get a Document tab.

  4. Selects Bill Tracking from the Select Document Type option.

  5. Selects the Congress and Chamber from the Bill Number drop-down and types in the bill number.

  6. Clicks the Search button, obtains a link to the bill tracking report, and clicks on the report to open.

  7. Finds bill sponsor and status in the bill tracking report and clicks on the link Retrieve Full Text Version to obtain the full text of the bill.

Search Tips: If you need a suggestion for a bill currently under consideration, look under Political News & Hot Topics before performing the bill tracking search.