Neha, a first year graduate student


Legislative Process


Select a current news topic and find out what hearings Congress has held on the topic in the last year on that topic; find out when the hearings were held, which committees held them, and who participated


Find information about congressional committee hearings

Starting Info:

Neha is interested in the No Child Left Behind Act and so she wants to know if Congress has held any hearings on that topic during the last year

  1. Selects Members & Committees from the left-hand navigation bar.

  2. Selects the Committees tab.

  3. Leaves the search default at Any Committee, and leave the committee search box blank since she is not looking for information from a particular committee.

  4. Changes the Search Within option to Committee Schedule (from FIND).

  5. Types No Child Left Behind Act into the Restrict by Keywords box.

  6. Changes the Restrict by Meeting option to Hearing.

  7. Changes the Restrict by Date option to Previous Year.

  8. Clicks the Search button and retrieves results.

  9. Retrieves name of the Committee and date of hearing from the results list.

  10. Clicks on the Committee name to open the record and find information on hearing participants.

Search Tip: If you are looking for information on a specific committee, but arenít sure of the committee name, click the Look up a Committee link to find committee name options.