Susan, a librarian at City College

Patronís Query:    

How do I find out how many women currently serving in Congress  have law degrees?


Determine how many women in Congress have law degrees?

Starting Info:

Search needs to be limited by gender and educational attainment

  1. Selects Members and Committees from the left-hand navigation bar

  2. Selects the Demographics tab

  3. Selects Female from the Gender drop-down and Law Degree from the Education Attained drop-down.

  4. Clicks the Search button.

  5. Retrieves Member Profile reports for all the women serving in Congress who currently have law degrees.

Search Tip:  Use the Demographics search to find information on current Representatives and Senators, searching by sex, race, party affiliation, State or territory represented, age, educational attainment, religion, alma mater, and/or date elected to Congress.