Jonathan, a sophomore at State University


History of Aviation Regulation


Use the citation 70 FR 41586 to find Department of Homeland Security interim final rule/request for comments on Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport enhanced security procedures


Find a specified Federal Register excerpt

Starting Info:

Citation 70 FR 41586

  1. Selects the Regulations search form from the left-hand navigation bar and, since he has a specific citation, opts for the Get a Document tab.

  2. Notes that the drop-down default is Code of Federal Regulations, and since he isnít sure if that is the option he wants or not, he types his information into the Enter Citation search boxes, clicks the Search button, and gets no results.

  3. Looking more closely at the form, sees that the number he just searched on has CFR in the middle rather than FR.

  4. Looks again at the drop-down options, and notes that his only other option is USC, which isnít what he wants either.

  5. Returns to the Select a Document Type drop-down and changes the default to the Federal Register option.

  6. Notes that the Enter Citation search box now is set up to display 72(2007) FR. He changes the year drop-down to 70 (2005), types 41586 into the search box, clicks the Search button, and retrieves the Federal Register excerpt he needs.

Search Tip:  When looking for regulations by citation, note before searching whether the citation contains CFR (Code of Federal Regulations), FR (Federal Register), or USC (U.S. Code) information.