Neha, a first year graduate student


Government Information Sources


Select a current news topic and find relevant current year Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) citations


Find CFR sections pertaining to a selected topic

Starting Info:

Neha is interested in terrorism prevention and response, so she decides to use that for her search topic

  1. Selects Regulations from the left-hand navigation bar.

  2. Selects Keyword Search tab and leaves the Search Within option at Code of Federal Regulations and the Restrict by Year default set at the current year.

  3. Types Terrorism into the Enter Search Terms box.

  4. Clicks the Search button and retrieves almost 400 results.

  5. Gets no results. Clicks Edit Search, and changes restrict by date from "previous 2 years" to "previous 5 years."

  6. Decides to narrow the search to aviation security issues: types aviation and homeland security in the FOCUS™ search box.

  7. Clicks the Search button and retrieves results for citations that all pertain to civil aviation or airport security.

Search Tips: If you get too many search results, try narrowing your search using the FOCUS feature.  You can use a logical connector like AND.