Susan, a librarian at City College

Patronís Query:    

I went to an eye doctor and was fitted for contact lenses.  Now I want to order replacement lenses on-line, but my eye doctor never gave me a prescription.  Does he have to give me a copy of my prescription?


Find Federal regulations governing contact lens prescriptions  

Starting Info:

Knows keywords and knows the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is probably the regulatory agency she wants

  1. Selects Regulations from the left-hand navigation bar.

  2. Selects the Regulations search form and, since she does not have a specific citation, opts for the Keyword Search form and changes the default to Federal Register under the Search Within option.

  3. Types contact lens prescription in the Enter Search Terms box and FTC in the Restrict by Agency name box.

  4. Selects the final rules option from the Restrict by Action box and clicks the Search button.

  5. When the results list is returned, hits Expanded List, and sees that the Contact Lens Rule references the requirement that optometrists and ophthalmologists provide patients with copies of their contact lens prescriptions.

  6. Prints the citation out for the student.

Search Tips:  In most cases, a keyword search on the Code of Federal Regulations will work equally well as a search on the Federal Register, but the Federal Register search produces more timely results.  The Federal Register is updated daily and the Code of Federal Regulations is updated weekly using information published in the Federal Register.  If you get no results or too few results for a search, try expanding your date restriction option.  If you get too many results, try narrowing your date restriction option.