Jonathan, a sophomore at State University


Modern U.S. History


Find remarks by a Member of Congress regarding the July 25, 1990 meeting between former President Saddam Hussein of Iraq and the U.S. Ambassador to Iraq April Glaspie


Find remarks within the Congressional Record

Starting Info:

Saddam Hussein; April Glaspie: July 25, 1990

  1. Selects Congressional Record and Rules from the left-hand navigation bar.

  2. Selects the Keyword Search form since he does not have a specific citation, types Saddam Hussein in the Enter Search Terms box and clicks the Search button.

  3. Receives an error message stating that his search has been interrupted because his search would return more than 3,000 documents.

  4. Returns to the search form, decides to narrow his search; types and April Glaspie and July 25, 1990 next to Saddam Hussein, uses the Restrict by Date feature to limit the search to the 101st Congress (1989-1990), and clicks the Search button.

  5. Receives a results set containing only one item and, deciding to expand the search to look for more results, removes restrictions on the dates to be searched by selecting Any Congress from the drop-down and omitting the specific date of July 25, 1990 from his search.

  6. Searching on Saddam Hussein and April Glaspie retrieves a result set that contains every instance in which Saddam Hussein and April Glaspie are mentioned in the same record.

Search Tips:  If you get too many results, try adding other terms to your search to make it more specific or restrict your search to a narrower time frame; conversely if you obtain too few results, expand the date range or use more general search terms.  To increase your chance of finding records in which the mention of Saddam Hussein is related to the mention of April Glaspie, change your search to Saddam Hussein w/para April Glaspie.  The w/para search will return results where both terms are mentioned in the same paragraph.