Susan, a librarian at City College

Patronís Query:    

Iím looking for something Senator McCain said on Oct. 5, 2005 about the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.  I know that it is supposed to be on page S11063 of the Congressional Record, but I canít find it.  What should I do?


Find specific remarks in the Congressional Record.

Starting Info:

Page number, name of Senator making the remarks, date, and topic

  1. Selects Congressional Record & Rules from the left-hand navigation bar.

  2. Clicks on the Get a Document tab and leaves the Select Document Type at the Congressional Record default.

  3. Selects 151-2005 (volume and year) and S-Senate from the page citation drop-downs, and types 11063 in the search box.

  4. Clicks the Search button, but gets no results.

  5. Knows that the search is set up to find the first page in a Congressional Record entry, so tries typing 1106! instead of 11063 in order to retrieve a results set that includes pages prior to 11063, and clicks the Search button.

  6. Uses the FOCUSô feature to narrow her results to the excerpt that contains the reference to Abu Ghraib.

  7. Explains to the student that an alternative way of finding the reference would be to enter the date rather than the page citation, and then use the Focus feature to narrow the search results to the item he is looking for by typing Abu Ghraib and McCain in the Focus search box.

Search Tips:  If the Congressional Record page citation search doesnít seem to work, try searching on the pages numbers immediately preceding the page citation you have until you get a hit.  Using the truncation (!) character enables you to retrieve a series of pages prior to the page for which you are looking.  Note that the page citations are from the Daily Congressional Record, so if you have a reference from the bound version of the Congressional Record, you wonít find what you are looking for.  If your page citation search doesnít work, try a date or keyword search.  If you do a date search, use the Focus feature to narrow your search results to the item for which you are looking.