Jonathan, a sophomore at State University


English: Introduction to Writing


In preparation for writing a brief paper, select a research topic of interest involving U.S. politics or government and find 5-10 related news sources


Find a research topic and related news sources

Starting Info:

No idea what topic to select

  1. Selects Political News/Hot Topics from the left-hand navigation bar.

  2. Selects the Hot Bills & Hot Topics tab, and clicks on the Go to Hot Bills and Hot Topics link.

  3. Notices the Hot Bills Enacted This Congress site, and clicks on the first link which takes him to a page that says Bill Tracking (which doesn’t seem to be what he is looking for).

  4. Clicks on the Next link and is taken to a page labeled Full Text of Bills, which doesn’t seem to be what he is looking for either.

  5. Clicks the Back button until he returns the Hot Bills & Hot Topics main page.

  6. Notices the Hot Topics listed on the right-hand side of the page, decides to look there to see if he can find news articles, reads through the topics, selects the topic that interests him most, and clicks on the link to that topic.

  7. Finds himself on a page that contains links to articles on his topic; reads through the list, clicks links to individual articles; and searches within the list using the Search Document List box at the top of the page to narrow his search to the articles that apply most specifically to his area of interest.

Search Tip:  If you are looking for news articles rather than information on specific bills, select from among the Hot Topics entries rather than the links under Hot Bills Enacted This Congress or Hot Bills Under Consideration.