Neha, first year graduate student


U.S. Politics and Social Change


Select a bill currently under consideration by Congress and write a brief paper using related news articles to provide a social context for the proposed legislation


Find an interesting bill and related news articles

Starting Info:

Bill must be under consideration and must tie in with one or more social change topics currently in the news

  1. Selects Political News/Hot Topics from the left-hand navigation bar.

  2. Selects the Hot Bills & Hot Topics tab, and clicks on the Go to Hot Bills & Hot Topics link.

  3. Notices the Hot Bills Under Consideration links on the bottom of the left-hand side of the main page, reads through the topics, selects the topic that interests her most, clicks on the link to that topic, and selects a bill.

  4. Uses the Back button to return to the Hot Bills & Hot Topics page, looks at the Hot Topics  options and clicks on the topic that ties in with the bill she selected, and retrieves a selection of recent articles on her topic.

  5. Decides she wants to also use other articles written within the last year on her topic.

  6. Uses the Back button to return to the Political News/Hot Topics page.

  7. Selects Political News tab, enters her topic keyword in the search box, restricts date to the previous year, and clicks the Search button.

  8. Retrieves articles on her chosen topic, skims through the results list, and chooses the articles that interest her.

  9. Neha is now ready to begin writing her paper.

Search Tip:  A Hot Topics search will provide you with articles from the previous 2-3 weeks. To find articles that are less recent, search under Political News