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LexisNexis® Congressional provides the user with access to a comprehensive collection of congressional publications:

Committee Hearings

Committee Prints

Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports

House and Senate Documents

House and Senate Reports

Senate Executive Reports

Senate Executive Treaty Documents

Legislative Histories

Serial Set Maps

Serial Set

A metadata record is provided for each publication. The content of these records varies by publication type, but always includes full bibliographic information and indexing. The availability of full text varies. Available full text may be accessed from the metadata records.

Publication Availability

The availability of full text publications varies according to the purchase/subscription arrangement of individual institutions. Available full text may be accessed from the metadata records. All metadata records also provide the user with sufficient information to locate paper or microfiche copies of the source documents within the library.

Publication Updates

In general, the collection is updated on a monthly basis, but temporary records for hearings are provided within a day or two of the Congressional Record notice that a hearing has been held, and early records for House and Senate reports and documents are provided on as timely a basis as possible after the publications are issued. Temporary metadata records and early metadata records are replaced as soon as possible with full metadata records.