Search Tips
Setting up a new Continuous Alert

Use the "Set up new Continuous Alert" tab to choose your sources, define your search, and set up the email address where you'd like to receive your alert.

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Set up a new alert
The Set up new Continuous Alert Tab

Set up a new alert

Note:  In order to give you the broadest possible results set for your initial searching, relevance results are not incorporated when you run your initial search. Your relevancy filter will be added when results are delivered.

  1. Click the "Set up new Continuous Alert" tab.
  2. Enter your search terms in the Search Terms textbox. See Search Tips for help with connectors.
  3. Select your sources. See Sources for more help.
  4. Select your Factiva Intelligent Indexing™ options. See Factiva Intelligent Indexing™ for more help.
  5. Select your delivery options. You must give the alert a name and enter an email address for delivery, at a minimum.
  6. Click the "Continue - Test Search" button.
  7. Review the results.

The Set up new Continuous Alert tab

At a minimum, you must enter search terms, an alert name, and an Email address to create an alert.

The options on this page are defined below.

Search terms:
Enter your search terms. You can use search connectors to enter more than one term, if desired. For instance, you may want to see information about two companies: Lucent Technologies and AT&T. You must decide how closely you want these terms to be related in order to choose the proper connector.

You can use these connectors and operators in your search:

and or not same w/N adjN
nearN /nN/ * $N ? wc> or wc<

For a list of connectors and when to use them, see Search Tips.

Select sources and Factiva Intelligent indexing™
This area contains the following categories that you can expand in order to choose more specific items and Factiva Intelligent Indexing™ options.

Delivery Options:
You must assign an alert name and specify an email address, at a minimum.

Alert name:
Assign a meaningful name that is up to 25 characters long, and that does not contain any of these characters: < > & # \ % + |

Send results to: (Email address)
Enter the email address where you want to receive your results.

Email language:
Use the drop-down list to choose an alternate language, if available.

Results display format:
Use the drop-down list to choose whether you want to receive your results in Full-text documents, Headlines and lead sentences (with link to full-text), or Full-text with indexing.

Email format:
Use the drop-down list to choose a format for your email: Plain Text, HTML (browser language), or Mobile.