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Use the Basic Search form to retrieve Congressional materials by performing keyword searches. Searches initiated from this form will search all LexisNexis® Congressional publications available to your institution.

Note: Basic Search does not search the full text of the resources—it only searches abstracts, titles, indexing information, and other bibliographic data. Use Advanced Search to perform full text searches.

For examples of how to use the Congressional Publications search forms, refer to these user scenarios.

Building a Search String

There are two keyword search term fields on this page. You may use either the first one or both to build a keyword search. The idea behind having two search term fields is that you can type two terms and use the drop-down list between them to specify a logical connector (i.e., AND, OR, or AND NOT) to tie them together.

To use the two fields together, type phrases in the first and second fields, then select a logical relationship between the two from the drop-down list located between the two fields. For example, if you were searching for information on child labor legislation as it relates to mining, you could type child labor in the first field and mining in the second, and join them by selecting AND from the connector drop-down list. This way, you would retrieve only those materials that mention "child labor" and "mining."

Tip: The search terms fields allow the use of multiple logical connectors and wildcard characters. For example, you could type human rights and korea within the first search term field and get the same results as you'd get by typing human rights in the first field, selecting the AND connector, and typing korea in the second field. Keep this in mind if you want to build a search with more than two search phrases. For more detailed information, refer to Building a Search String and Connectors.

Additional Search Criteria (Date and Congress)

In addition to specifying keywords, you can restrict your search to a specific date and a specific Congress. For more information, refer to Restricting a Search by Date and Restricting a Search by Congress.


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