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             Federal Reporter (USA)

   F 2d        Federal Reporter (2nd Series) (USA)

   F 3d        Federal Reporter (3rd Series) (USA)

   F (Ct of Sess)   Fraser Court of Session Cases 5th Series (Scot)

   F & F       Foster & Finlayson's Reports [ER 175-176]

   Fam         Family Reports (UK)

   Fam Law R   Family Law Reports (UK)

   FamCA       Family Court of Australia [Media Neutral Citation]

   Fam Law     Family Law (UK)

   Fam LN      Family Law Notes

   Fam LR      Family Law Reports

   FamilyM     Family Matters

   FC          Canada Law Reports, Federal Court

   FCA         Federal Court of Australia [Media Neutral Citation]

   FCAFC    Federal Court of Australia Full Court [Media Neutral Citation]

   F Cas         Federal Cases (USA) 1789-1880

   FCOITrib    Flight Crew Officers Industrial Tribunal

   FCR         Federal Court Reports

   FCR(UK)      Family Court Reporter

   FCT       Federal Court Canada [Media Neutral Citation]

   FCWA      Family Court of Western Australia [Media Neutral Citation]

   FedCt(Can)  Federal Court, Canada (Court abbrev)

   FedPDT      Federal Police Disciplinary Tribunal

   FEP         Fair Employment Practice Cases (USA)

   Fin LR     Financial Law Reports (UK)

   FitzG       Fitzgibbon's King's Bench Reports [ER 94]

   FlaCA     Florida Court of Appeal

   FLC         Family Law Cases

   FLPR        Franchising Law and Policy Review

   FLR         Federal Law Reports

   FMCA        Federal Magistrates Court of Australia [Media Neutral Citation]

   FMCA fam    Federal Magistrates Court of Australia - Family/Child

               [Media Neutral Citation]

   FLRev       Federal Law Review

   FoI Review  Freedom of Information Review

   Fost    Foster’s Crown Cases [ER 168]

   Freem Ch    Freeman's Chancery Reports [ER 22]

   FRD         Federal Rules Decisions (USA)

   FRNZ        Family Reports (NZ)

   FSR         Fleet Street Reports (UK)

   F Supp      Federal Supplement (USA)

   F Supp 2d   Federal Supplement, Second Series (USA)

   FTC      Federal Trade Commission Decisions (USA)

   FTLR        Financial Times Law Reports

   FTR         Federal Trial Reports (Canada)


   Ga            Georgia Supreme Court Reports (1846 -)

   Gale         Gale's Exchequer Reports (1835-1836)

   Gall          Gallison’s Circuit Court Reports (USA)

   G&AdBd      Guardian & Administration Board (WA)

   Giff        Giffard's Chancery Reports [ER 65-66]

   Gilb Ch     Gilbert's Reports, Chancery and Exchequer [ER 25]

   GLR         Gazette Law Reports (NZ)

   Godb        Godbolt’s King’s Bench Reports [ER 78] 1574-1638

   Gouldsb        Gouldsborough's King's Bench Reports [75 ER] 1586-1601

   GriffLR     Griffith Law Review


    H & C           Hurlstone & Coltman's Exchequer Reports [ER 158-159]

   H & N          Hurlstone & Norman's Exchequer Reports [ER 156-158]

   H & Tw        Hall & Twell's Chancery Reports [ER 47]

   Hag Adm     Haggard's Admiralty Reports [ER 166]

   Hag Con      Haggard's Consistorial Reports [ER 161]

   Hag Ecc       Haggard's Eccelesiastical Reports [ER 162]

   Har & Ruth   Harrison and Rutherford's Reports  1865-1866

   HBR              Hansell's Reports of Cases in Bankruptcy

   Hare              Hare's Chancery Reports [ER 66-68]

   HarvLRev    Harvard Law Review

   Haw            Hawaii Reports

   HCA           High Court of Australia [Media Neutral Citation]

   HCATrans   High Court of Australia Transcripts (2003 July - )

   HCtFiji        High Court of Fiji

   HCtFra        High Court of France

   HCtHK       High Court of Hong Kong

   HCtJap       High Court of Japan

   HctMal      High Court of Malaysia

   HCtNIre     High Court of Northern Ireland

   HCtOnt     High Court of Ontario

   HCtTT       High Court of Trinidad & Tobago

   HCtUK       High Court of the United Kingdom

   Hem & M   Hemming and Miller's Reports 1862-1865 [ER 71]

   HighTechLJ  High Technology Law Journal

   HKC         Hong Kong Cases - Reports

   HKCA        Hong Kong Court of Appeal

   HKCCA       Hong Kong Court of Criminal Appeal

   HKCFAR      Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal Reports (1997-)

   HKCFI Hong Kong Court of First Instance

   HKEC        Hong Kong Electronic Cases

   HKLJ        Hong Kong Law Journal

   HKLR        Hong Kong Law Reports

   HKLRD       Hong Kong Law Reports and Digest

   HKTC       Hong Kong Tax Cases 1949 -

   HL          House of Lords

   HLB         Australian Health Law Bulletin

   HL Cas      Clarke's House of Lords Cases [ER 9-11]

   HLR             Housing Law Reports (UK)

   Hob             Hobart's Common Pleas Reports [ER 80]

   Hog     Hogan’s Reports, Rolls Court (Ireland) (1816-1834)

   Holt Eq       Holt's Equity Reports [ER 71]

   Holt KB      Holt's King's Bench Reports [ER 90]

   Holt NP       F Holt’s Reports, Nisi Prius [ER 171]

   How             Howard's Supreme Court Reports (USA)

   HRNZ          Human Rights Reports of New Zealand

   HPDT(SA)       Handicapped Persons Discrimination Tribunal (SA)

   HREOCA     Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission

                       of Australia [Media Neutral Citation]

   Hut             Hutton's Common Pleas Reports [ER 123]

   Hy Bl          Henry Blackstone's Common Pleas Reports [ER 126]


    IAC( )         Industrial Arbitration Commission (State)

   IACHR       Inter-American Court of Human Rights

   IACt(Vic)   Industrial Appeals Court of Victoria

   IACt(WA)    Western Australia Industrial Appeal Court

   IAT         Immigration Appeals Tribunal

   Imm LR (2d)      Immigration Law Reporter (2d) (1991-1999) Canada

   IAS Current Rev  Industrial Arbitration Service - Current Review

   IC              Industrial Commission of Australia

   IC(State)    Industrial Commission (State)

   ICAC        Independent Commission Against Corruption

   ICAC(Qld)   Industrial Conciliation & Arbitration Commission of Qld

   ICJ            International Court of Justice

   ICLR         Irish Common Law Reports

   ICR           Industrial Cases Reports (UK)

   ICt(State)   Industrial Court (State)

   ICTL        Information & Communications Technology Law

   ICTY        International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia

   ICTR        International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda

   IEHC        High Court of Ireland Decisions

   IESC        Supreme Court of Ireland Decisions

   IHC         Inhouse Counsel

   IIB           Industrial Information Bulletin

   IJLI          International Journal of Legal Information

   IJRL          International Journal of Refugee Law

   ILB          Australian Insurance Law Bulletin

   ILB          Indigenous Law Bulletin

   ILJ            Insurance Law Journal

   Ill              Illinois Supreme Court Reports

   Ill App     Illinois Appellate Court Reports

   ILM          International Legal Materials 1962 - (USA)

   ILR            International Law Reports

   ILR            Irish Law Reports (1838-1850)

   ILRM        Irish Law Reports Monthly

   ILT            Irish Law Times

   IMCt(NSW)    Industrial Magistrates' Court (NSW)

   IMCt(WA)    Industrial Magistrates' Court (WA)

   Imm Ar      Immigration Appeal Reports (UK)

   IndustLJ    Industrial Law Journal

   INLR          Immigration and Nationality Law Reports (1998- )

   INSLB        Insolvency Law Bulletin

   InsolvLJ    Insolvency Law Journal

   INTLB      Internet Law Bulletin

   IP & T       Intellectual Property and Technology Report (UK)

   IPLB         Australian Intellectual Property Law Bulletin

   IPR            Intellectual Property Reports

   IR              Industrial Reports

   IRCA        Industrial Relations Court of Australia [Media Neutral Citation]

   IRC(Tas)        Industrial Relations Commission, Tasmania

   IRC(Vic)         Industrial Relations Commission, Victoria

   IRCR       Industrial Relations Court Reports

   IRCt        Industrial Relations Court of Australia

   Ir Eq       Irish Reports, Equity Series (1866-1877)

   IrCA       Irish Court of Appeal

   IrCCA     Irish Court of Criminal Appeal

   I Ch R      Irish Chancery Reports

   IR CL       Irish Common Law Reports

   I Eq R      Irish Equity Reports 1838-1850

   IR          Irish Reports (1838-current)

   IRLR        Industrial Relations Law Reports (UK)

   ILM         International Legal Materials (USA) (1962 - )

   ILTR        Irish Law Times Reports

   IR(NSW)     Industrial Reports, New South Wales

   IRT         Immigration Review Tribunal

   ITELR    International Trust and Estate Law Reports (UK)

   ITLOS    International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea  (UN)

   ITR         Industrial Tribunal Reports (UK)

   ITRTrib     Income Tax Review Tribunal


   John & H    Johnson & Hemming's Vice Chancellor's Reports [ER 70]

   Jac         Jacob's Chancery Reports [ER 37]

   Jac & W     Jacob & Walker's Chancery Reports [ER 37]

   JamCA       Jamaican Court of Appeal

   JamCCA       Jamaican Court of Criminal Appeal

   JBFLP       Journal of Banking & Finance Law & Practice

   JBL         Journal of Business Law

   JC           Justiciary Cases, High Court of Justiciary (Scot)

   JCL         Journal of Contract Law

   JCULR       James Cook University Law Review

   JERL        Journal of Energy & Natural Resource Law

   JerseyCt    Jersey Royal Court

   JerseyCA    Jersey Court of Appeal

   JIR           Journal of Industrial Relations

   JJA          Journal of Judicial Administration

   JLIS         Journal of Law and Information Science

   JLM         Journal of Law and Medicine

   JML&P   Tolley's Journal of Media Law and Practice

   Jo & Lat    Jones & La Touche's Reports, Chancery (Ire) (1844-1846)

   John          Johnson's Chancery Reports [ER 70]

   Johns Ch    Johnson's Chancery Reports (USA)

   John & H    Johnson & Hemmings Chancery Reports [ER 70]

   JoSCCI      Journal of Social Change and Critical Inquiry

   JP               Justice of the Peace Journal (UK) 1837-1927,


   JP              Justice of the Peace Reports (UK) 1983-current

   JP Jo         Justice of  the Peace and Local Government Review (UK)

   JPL            Journal of Planning & Environmental Law (UK)

   Jur             The Jurist (UK)

   Jur NS      The Jurist, New Series (UK)


  K & J       Kay & Johnson's Vice Chancellors' Reports [ER 69-70]

   Kan         Kansas Supreme Court Reports 1862 -

   Kay         Kay's Vice Chancellors' Reports [ER 69]

   KB          Law Reports, King's Bench

   KBD         King's Bench Division of the High Court, UK

   Keb         Keble's King's Bench Reports [ER 83-84]

   Keen        Keen's Rolls Court Reports [ER 48]

   Keny        Lord Kenyon's King's Bench Reports [ER 96]

   KIR         Knight's Industrial Reports

   Knapp      Knapp's Reports, Privy Council [ER 12]

   Knox        Knox's Supreme Court Reports, New South Wales

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