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   L&VCt(NSW)  Land and Valuation Court (NSW)

   L & Welsb   Lloyd & Welsby's Commercial & Mercantile Cases (UK)

   LabCt(NZ)   Labour Court, New Zealand

   LandAC      Land Appeal Court

   LCC (NSW)   Land Court Cases (NSW)

   LCt             Local Court

   LDAB        Legal Decisions Affecting Bankers (UK)

   LdCt(Qld)   Land Court of Queensland

   Ld Raym     Lord Raymond's King's Bench Reports [ER 91-92]

   Le & Ca     Leigh & Cave's Crown Cases Reserved [ER 169]

   Leach       Leach's Cases in Crown Law [ER 168]

   L Ed        Lawyers' Edition, Supreme Ct Reports (USA)

   L Ed 2d     Lawyers' Edition, Supreme Ct Reports, Second Series (USA)

   Legge       Legge's Supreme Court Cases (NSW)

   Leg Rep     The Legal Reporter (Aust)

   Leon        Leonard's Reports [ER 74]

   Lew CC      Lewin's Crown Cases Reserved [ER 168]

   LGCt(Qld)     Local Government Court (Qld)

   LGCt(Vic)     Local Government Court (Vic)

   LGERA       Local Government & Environmental Reports of Australia

   LGLJ        Local Government Law Journal

   L Gov R    Local Government Reporter

   LGPLG       Local Government & Planning Law Guide

   LGR (NSW)   Local Government Reports, New South Wales

   LGR         Local Government Reports, (UK)

   LGRA        Local Government Reports of Australia

   LIJ         Law Institute Journal (Vic)

   LJAdm     Law Journal Reports, Admiralty, New Series (1865-75)

   LJ Bcy      Law Journal, Bankruptcy

   LJ Bcy (NS)    Law Journal, Bankruptcy, New Series

   LJ Ch       Law Journal, Chancery

   LJCP        Law Journal, Common Pleas

   LJ Ex       Law Journal, Exchequer

   LJ Ex Eq    Law Journal, Exchequer in Equity

   LJKB        Law Journal, King's Bench

   LJMC        Law Journal Magistrates' Cases (1831-1896)

   LJKB        Law Journal, Old Series, King's Bench

   LJOS        Law Journal, Old Series (1822-1831)

   LJP         Law Journal, Probate Divorce & Admiralty

   LJP & M     Law Journal, Probate & Matrimonial (1858-1859)

   LJPC        Law Journal, Privy Council

   LJPM & A   Law Journal, Probate, Matrimonial and Admiralty (1860-1865)

   LJR           Law Journal, 1947-1949

   LJQB        Law Journal, Queen's Bench

   LLA         Liquor Licensing Authority (NZ)

   LLCt(WA)      Liquor Licensing Court (WA)

   LLCt(SA)       Liquor Licensing Court (SA)

   Ll L Rep    Lloyd's List Law Reports (1919-1950)

   Lloyd's Rep      Lloyd's Law Reports

   Lloyd's Rep Bank      Lloyd's Law Reports Banking

   Lloyd’s Rep IR   Lloyd’s Law Reports Insurance and Reinsurance

   Lloyd’s Rep Med   Lloyd’s Law Reports Medical

   Lloyd’s Rep PN    Lloyd’s Law Reports Professional Negligence

   LM & P    Lowndes, Maxwell & Pollock's Bail Court and Practice Reports

   LMCLQ       Lloyd's Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly

   Lofft        Lofft's King's Bench Reports [ER 98]

   LPDT      Law Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal (NZ)

   LPM        Law Practice Management Newsletter

   LQR         Law Quarterly Review (UK)

   LRB         Law Reports of the Bahamas

   LRC         Law Reports of the Commonwealth

   LRCC        Law Reports, Crown Cases Reserved

   LRC Com     Law Reports of the Commonwealth, Commercial Law Division

   LRC Const   Law Reports of the Commonwealth, Constitutional Division

   LR (vol no) A & E     Law Reports, Admiralty and Ecclesiastical

   LR (vol no) App Cas   Law Reports, Appeal Cases

   LR (vol no) CCR       Law Reports, Crown Cases Reserved

   LR (vol no) Ch App    Law Reports, Chancery Appeals

   LR (vol no) CP        Law Reports, Common Pleas

   LR (vol no) Eq        Law Reports, Equity

   LR (vol no) Exch      Law Reports, Exchequer

   LR (vol no) HL        Law Reports, House of Lords

   LR (vol no) Ind App   Law Reports, Indian Appeals (India)

   LRIr         Law Reports, Ireland, Chancery and Common Law

   LR (vol no) P & D     Law Reports, Probate & Divorce

   LR (vol no) PC        Law Reports, Privy Council Appeal Cases

   LR (vol no) QB        Law Reports, Queen's Bench

   LR (vol no) RP        Law Reports, Restrictive Practices Cases

   LR (vol no) Sc & Div  Law Reports, Scotch & Divorce Appeals

   LR Eq       Law Reports Equity Cases

   LRLR        Lloyd's Reinsurance Law Reports

   LRMCNS      Law Reports, Magistrates' Cases, New Series

   LR (NSW)       Law Reports, New South Wales

   LR (NSW) B&P   Law Reports, New South Wales, Bankruptcy & Probate

   LR (NSW) D     Law Reports, New South Wales, Divorce

   LR (NSW) Eq    Law Reports, New South Wales, Equity

   LR (NSW) L     Law Reports, New South Wales, at Law

   LS          Legal Studies (Journal of the Society of Public Teachers of Law)

   LSB(SA)     Law Society Bulletin, (South Australia)

   LSJ         Law Society Journal (New South Wales)

   LSJS        Law Society Judgment Scheme (South Australia)

   LT          Law Times Reports

   LT          Law Times Reports (New Series)

   LTOS        Law Times Reports (Old Series)

   LT          Law Times Reports (1859-1947)

   LT Jo      Law Times Newspaper 1843 - 1965

   Lush        Lushington's Admiralty Reports [ER 167]

   Lut         Lutwyche's Entries & Reports, Common Pleas [ER 125]

   LVBd        Land Valuation Board

   LVC          Lands Tribunal Decisions 1950 -

   LVCt(NZ)    Land Valuation Court, New Zealand

   LVR         Land & Valuation Court Reports (NSW)

   LVRT    Land Valuation Review Tribunal (NT)

   LVT( )      Land Valuation Tribunal (State)


   Madd & G    Maddock & Geldart's Chancery Reports [ER 56]

   M & S       Maule & Selwyn's King's Bench Reports [ER 105]

   Mac & G     Macnaghten & Gordon's Chancery Reports [ER 41-42]

   M & W       Meeson & Welsby's Exchequer Reports [ER 150-153]

   MaCA        Malaysia Court of Appeal

    MACAT       Motor Accidents (Compensation) Appeal Tribunal

   MacG Cop Cas  MacGillivray's Copyright Cases

   Mac         Macassey's New Zealand Reports (1861-1872)

   MAC(NZ)     Maori Appellate Court of New Zealand

   Macph (Ct of Sess)   Court of Session Cases 3rd Series (Sc)

   Macq        Macqueen's Scotch Appeal Cases

   Madd        Maddock's Chancery Reports [ER 56]

   MagCt( )   Magistrates' Court (District)

   MALR        Media and Arts Law Review

   Man & G     Manning & Granger's Common Pleas Reports [ER 133-135]

    Man & Ry KB   Manning & Ryland's King's Bench Reports [RR 31-34]

   ManCA        Manitoba Court of Appeal

   Man LR        Manitoba Law Reports (Canada)

   ManQB        Manitoba Queen's Bench

   Man R           Manitoba Reports (Canada)

   Man R (2d)   Manitoba Reports, Second Series (Canada)

   Mans             Manson's Bankruptcy & Companies Winding-Up Cases

   March NC     March's Reports, Kings Bench & Common Pleas

                        (1639-1642) [ER 82]

   Mar LC          Maritime Law Reports (Crockford) (1860-1871)

   Mass              Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Reports

   MATrib         Medical Assessment Tribunal (Qld)

   MBCA            Manitoba Court of Appeal [Media Neutral Citation]

   MBQB            Manitoba Queens Bench Division [Media Neutral Citation]

   MCD               Magistrates' Court Decisions (NZ) (1939-1979)

   M'Cle & Yo    M'Cleland & Younge's Exchequer Reports [ER 148]

   Md                  Maryland Reports

   MdCA            Maryland  Court of Appeals

   Med LR          Medical Law Reports (UK)

   MedLRev       Medical Law Review (UK)

   MedTrib       Medical Tribunal (NSW)

   Meg                Megone's Companies Act Cases

   Mer                 Merivale's Chancery Reports [ER 35-36]

   MHTrib          Mental Health Tribunal of Queensland

   MHRT  )   Mental Health Review Tribunal (NZ)

   Mich        Michigan Supreme Court Reports

   MichApp     Michigan Court of Appeals Reports

   MinBd(Tas)      Mining Board (Tas)

   Misc             Miscellaneous Reports (US – New York)

   Misc 2d        Miscellaneous Reports, Second Series (US – New York)

   MLJ              Malayan Law Journal

   MLR             Modern Law Review

   MNC: NLJR              New Law Journal Reports (1985 - )

   Mo               Missouri Supreme Court Reports (1821-1956)

   Mod Rep      Modern Reports [ER 86-88]

   Mol               Molloy's Reports, Chancery (Ire), (1827-1831)

   MonLR         Monash University Law Review

   Mont & A         Montagu & Ayrton's Bankruptcy Reports 1833-8

   Mont & Ch         Montagu & Chitty’s Bankruptcy Reports 1838-40

   Mo App         Missouri Appeal Reports

   Moo & P         Moore & Payne's Common Pleas Reports [ER 29-33]

   Moo & S         Moore & Scott's Common Pleas Reports [ER 34-38]

   Moo Ind App   Moore's Indian Appeal Cases [ER 18-20]

   Moo PCC         Moore's Privy Council Cases [ER 12-15]

   Moo PCCNS   Moore's Privy Council Cases, New Series [ER 15-17]

   Mood & M     Moody & Malkin's Nisi Prius Reports [ER 173]

   Mood & R      Moody & Robinson's Nisi Prius Reports [ER 174]

   Mood CC        Moody's Crown Cases Reserved [ER 168-169]

   Moore CP        J B Moore's Reports, Common Pleas, 12 vols, 1817-1827

   Mor Dict     Morison's Dictionary of Decisions

   Morr            Morrell's Bankruptcy Cases (UK)

   Mos             Moseley's Chancery Reports [ER 25]

   MPC            Matrimonial Property Act Cases (NZ) 1978-1982

   MPLR          Municipal & Planning Law Reports

   MPLR (2d)   Municipal & Planning Law Reports, Second Series (Canada)

   MPR         Maritime Provinces Reports (Canada)

   MJIL        Melbourne Journal of International Law (Citation – full title of journal)

   MRTA      Migration Review Tribunal [Media Neutral Citation]

   MULR        Melbourne University Law Review

   MVR         Motor Vehicle Reports

   My & Cr     Mylne & Craig's Chancery Reports [ER 40-41]

   My & K      Mylne & Keen's Chancery Reports [ER 39-40]


    NAF National Arbitration Form

   NBR         New Brunswick Reports (Canada)

   NBR (2d)    New Brunswick Reports, Second Series (Canada)

   NC       North Carolina Supreme Court Reports (USA)

   NE          North Eastern Reporter (USA)

   NE 2d       North Eastern Reporter, 2nd Series (USA)

   Newc LR      Newcastle Law Review

   Nev & MKB      Nevile & Manning's King's Bench Reports 1832-6

   Nev & MMC      Nevile & Manning's Magistrates' Cases 1832-6

   Nev & Mac      Neville & Macnamara's Railway and Canal Cases 1855-1950

 Nev & PKB      Nevile & Perry’s King’s Bench Reports 1836-8

   Nfld & PEIR   Newfoundland & Prince Edward Island Reports (Can)

   NFSC      Norfolk Island Supreme Court [Media Neutral Citation]

   NH          New Hampshire Supreme Court Reports (USA)

   NI          Northern Ireland Law Reports

   NIRCt(UK)   National Industrial Relations Court (UK)

   NJ Super         New Jersey Superior Court Reports  

   NJL         New Jersey Law Reports (USA)

   NJSOL       National Journal of Sexual Orientation Law

   NLJ         New Law Journal (UK)

   NLJR         New Law Journal Reports (1985 - )

   NLR         National Law Review

   NNTTA        National Native Title Tribunal [Media Neutral Citation]

   Notes of Cases   Notes of Cases (Ecclesiastical & Maritime) (1841-1850)

   Noy         Noy's King's Bench Reports [ER 74]

   NPC         New Property Cases

   NR          National Reporter (Canada)

   NSR         Nova Scotia Reports (Canada)

   NSR (2d)    Nova Scotia Reports, Second Series (Canada)

   NSWADT      New South Wales Administrative Decisions Tribunal

            [Media Neutral Citation]

   NSWADTAP   New South Wales Administrative Decisions Tribunal

            Appeal Division [Media Neutral Citation]

   NSWCA     New South Wales Court of Appeal [Media Neutral Citation]

   NSWCC     New South Wales Compensation Court [Media Neutral Citation]

   NSWCCA      New South Wales Court of Criminal Appeal

   NSWCCC      New South Wales Central Criminal Court

   NSWCCR      New South Wales Compensation Court Reports

   NSW ConvR   New South Wales Conveyancing Reports (CCH)

   NSWCR       Butterworths NSW Courts Review

   NSWCTTT   New South Wales Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal

                      [Media Neutral Citation]

   NSWDC      New South Wales District Court [Media Neutral Citation]

   NSWDRGC     New South Wales Drug Court [Media Neutral Citation]

   NSWDDT      New South Wales Dust Diseases Tribunal [Media Neutral Citation]

   NSWFTT      New South Wales Fair Trading Tribunal [Media Neutral Citation]

   NSWIRComm   New South Wales Industrial Relations Commission

            [Media Neutral Citation]

   NSWJB       New South Wales Judgments Bulletin

   NSWLEC      New South Wales Land & Environment Court [Media Neutral


   NSWLR     New South Wales Law Reports

   NSWR       New South Wales Reports

   NSWRT     New South Wales Residential Tenancy Tribunal [Media Neutral Citation]

   NSWSC      Supreme Court of New South Wales [Media Neutral Citation]

   NTADC     Northern Territory Anti-Discrimination Commission [Media Neutral Citation]

   NTCA        Northern Territory Court of Appeal [Media Neutral Citation]

   NTCCA       Northern Territory Court of Criminal Appeal [Media Neutral Citation]

   NTSC        Supreme Court of the Northern Territory

                  [Media Neutral Citation]

   NTJ         Northern Territory Judgments

   NTLR        Northern Territory Law Reports

   NTN         Native Title News

   NTR         Northern Territory Reports

   NW          North Western Reporter (USA)

   NW 2d       North Western Reporter, Second Series (USA)

   NY          New York Court of Appeals Reports

   NY 2d       New York Court of Appeals Reports, Second Series

   NYCA        New York Court of Appeal

   NYS         New York Supplement (1888-1937)

   NYS 2d      New York Supplement (2nd Series 1938)

   NZACR       New Zealand Accident Compensation Reports

   NZAR         New Zealand Administrative Reports

   NZBLC       New Zealand Business Law Cases

   NZBLC (Com)   New Zealand Business Law Cases (Commerce Commission)

   NZBORR        New Zealand Bill of Rights Reports (1990-1992)

   NZCA          New Zealand Court of Appeal

   NZCA          New Zealand Court of Appeal Reports (1867-77)

   NZCCA       New Zealand Court of Criminal Appeal

   NZCLC       New Zealand Company Law Cases

   NZ ConvC    New Zealand Conveyancing Law Cases (1989 - )

   NZELC       New Zealand Employment Law Cases

   NZFamC     New Zealand Family Court

   NZFLR       New Zealand Family Law Reports

   NZIPR        New Zealand Intellectual Property Reports

   NZHC         New Zealand High Court

   NZ Jur        New Zealand Jurist Reports

   NZ Jur (NS)   New Zealand Jurist, New Series

   NZ Law Review   New Zealand Law Review

   NZLJ         New Zealand Law Journal

   NZLR        New Zealand Law Reports

   NZLR (CA)   New Zealand Law Reports, Court of Appeal (1883-87)

   NZLR (SC)   New Zealand Law Reports, Supreme Court (1883-87)

   NZPCC       New Zealand Privy Council Cases

   NZRMA    New Zealand Resource Management Appeals

   NZSC        New Zealand Superannuation Cases

   NZSC        New Zealand Supreme Court

   NZTC        New Zealand Tax Cases

   NZTPA     New Zealand Town Planning Appeals (1971-1991)

   NZULR       New Zealand University Law Review


   OAC         Ontario Appeal Cases (Canada)

   OAR         Ontario Appeal Reports (Canada)

   OB & F      Ollivier, Bell & Fitzgerald's Reports (New Zealand)

   OB & F (CA)    Ollivier, Bell & Fitzgerald's Reports, Court of Appeal (NZ)

   OB & F (SC)    Ollivier, Bell & Fitzgerald's Reports, Supreme Court (NZ)

   OHIM    Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (Trade Marks & Designs) (EU)

   Ohio         Ohio Supreme Court Reports (1821-1956)

   OLR         Ontario Law Reports (Canada)

   O'M & H     O'Malley & Hardcastle's Election Cases (UK)

   OntCA       Ontario Court of Appeal

   OPLR      Occupational Pensions Law Reports (UK)

   OR           Ontario Reports (Canada)

   OR (2d)     Ontario Reports, Second Series (Canada)

   OR (3d)     Ontario Reports, Third Series (Canada)

   OTC     Ontario Trial Cases (Canada)

   Otto        Otto's United States Supreme Court Reports

   OWN         Ontario Weekly Notes (Canada)

   OWR         Ontario Weekly Reporter (1902-1914) (Canada)


   P           Law Reports Probate

   P           Pacific Reporter (USA)

   P 2d        Pacific Reporter, Second Series (USA)

   Pa          Pennsylvania Supreme Court Reports

   P & CR      Property and Compensation Reports

   Per & Dav   Perry & Davison's King's Bench Reports [RR 48-54]

   Per & Kn   Perry & Knapp’s Election Cases (1833)

   P&D(UK)     Probate & Divorce Division, United Kingdom (1865-1875)

   P&LGC       Planning and Local Government Court Decisions (Qld)

   P & NGLR    Papua & New Guinea Law Reports

   PABd( )     Planning Appeals Board (State)

   PABR        Planning Appeals Board Reports (Vic) 

   PACtSJ     Port Adelaide Court of Summary Jurisdiction (SA)

   Palm          Palmer's King's Bench Reports [ER 81]

   Park           Parker's Exchequer Reports [ER 145]

   PatCt         Patents Court (UK)

   PATrib( )  Planning Appeals Tribunal (State)

   PBA          Pharmacy Board of Appeal (NZ)

   PC             Pleas of the Crown

   PCA        Permanent Court of Arbitration, (Netherlands)

   PD          Probate, Divorce and Admiralty Division of High Court (UK)

   PDSC     Practice Direction Supreme Court (Qld)

   Peake     Peake's Nisi Prius Reports [ER 170]

   Peake Add Cas   Peake's Additional Cases [ER 170]

   Pelham    Pelham's South Australia Reports

   Peters      Peters' Supreme Court Reports (USA)

   Ph          Phillips' Chancery Reports [ER 41]

   Phil El Cas    Phillips' Election Cases

   Phillim     Phillimore's Ecclesiastical Reports [ER 161]

   PIQR        Personal Injuries and Quantum Reports

   Planner     Planning & Local Government Reports of Queensland

   PLCR       Planning Law Case Reports

   Plowd      Plowden's Commentaries or Reports [ER 75]

   PLPR       Privacy Law and Policy Reporter

   PLR         Public Law Review

   PLR         Planning Law Reports (UK)

   PNGCA       Papua New Guinea Court of Appeal

   PNGLR        Papua New Guinea Law Reports 1969 -

   PNGNCtJ     Papua New Guinea National Court of Justice

   PNLR        Professional Negligence and Liability Reports

   Poph       Popham’s Reports, King’s Bench [ER 79]

   PPL         Psychiatry, Psychology and Law

   Prec Ch     Precedents in Chancery [ER 24]

   Price       Price's Exchequer Reports [ER 145-147]

   Priv LB     Privacy Law Bulletin

   PRNZ     Procedure Reports, New Zealand

   Proctor    Proctor, (Law Society Journal of Queensland)

   Petty Sessions Review    Petty Sessions Review

   PTMDO       Patents, Trade Marks and Designs Office

   P Wms       Peere Williams' Chancery Reports [ER 24]

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