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Qld Lawyer Reps



QLJ (Supp)












Q Sess (NSW)


Que SC




Queensland Anti-Discrimination Tribunal [Media Neutral Citation]

Queensland Administrative Reports

Queen's Bench

Queen's Bench Reports [ER 113-118]

Queen's Bench Division, Law Reports

Queensland Building Tribunal

Queensland Court of Appeal [Media Neutral Citation]

Queensland Crown Lands Law Reports

Queensland Conveyancing Reports

Queensland District Court [Media Neutral Citation]

Queensland Reports

Queensland Guardianship and Administration Tribunal

Queensland Government Industrial Gazette

Queensland Health Practitioners Tribunal

Queensland Industrial Court [Media Neutral Citation]

Queensland Industrial Relations Commission [Media Neutral Citation]

Queensland Justice of the Peace Reports

Queensland Lawyer

Queensland Land Appeal Court

Queensland Land Court

Queensland Land Court Reports

Queensland Court of Criminal Appeal

Queensland Lawyer

Queensland Lawyer Reports

Queensland Law Journal

Queensland Law Journal, Notes of Cases

Queensland Law Journal, Supplement

Queensland Law Reporter

Queensland Land and Resources Tribunal [Media Neutral Citation]

Queensland Law Society Journal

Queensland Mental Health Tribunal [Media Neutral Citation]

Queensland Planning & Environment Court (2000) [Media Neutral Citation]

Queensland Planning & Environment Court [Media Neutral Citation]

Queensland Planning & Environmental Law Reports

Queensland Planning Law Reports

Quebec Reports King’s Bench (Canada)

Queensland Supreme Court [Media Neutral Citation]

Queensland Supreme Court Reports

Quarter Sessions, New South Wales

Queensland State Reports

Quebec Official Reports, Superior Court (Canada)

Queensland University of Technology Law Journal

Queensland University of Technology Law and Justice Journal

Queensland Weekly Notes



    R           The Reports

   RATrib        Racing Appeals Tribunal of Western Australia

   R & McG     Income Tax Decisions of Australasia, Ratcliffe & M’Grath

   RCS              Supreme Court Reports (Canada) (1876 - )

   R (Ct of Sess)  Rettie's Session Cases (Scotland)

   Re LR       Lloyd’s Reinsurance Law Reports

   Rep Ch      Reports in Chancery [ER 21]

   RevenueLJ   Revenue Law Journal

   RFDA      Revenue Francaise De Droit Administratif

   RFL          Reports of Family Law (Canada)

   RFL (2d)    Reports of Family Law, Second Series (Canada)

   RFL (3d)    Reports of Family Law, Third Series (Canada)

   RFL (4th)   Reports of Family Law, Fourth Series (Canada)

   R (HL)      Rettie, Crawford & Melville Session Cases (Scotland)

   RIAA        Reports of International Arbitral Awards (UN)

   Ridg temp H   Cases tempore Hardwicke, King's Bench [ER 95]

   R (J)        Justiciary Cases in Session Cases (Scotland)

   RLR         Restitution Law Review

   RMPAT     Resource Management and Planning Appeals Tribunal

   Rob Eccl    Robertson's Ecclesiastical Reports [ER 163]

   Roll Abr     Rolle’s Abridgment 1668

   Roll Rep    Rolle's Reports, King's Bench [ER 81]

   Rose          Rose’s Bankruptcy Reports (1810-1816)

   RoyalComm   Royal Commission

   RPC         Reports of Patent Cases

   RPCt(E&W)   Restrictive Practices Court (England & Wales)

   RPD         Repatriation Pension Decisions

   RR            Revised Reports (UK)

   RSAA      Refugee Status Appeals Authority (NZ)

   RTIT(NSW)   Retail Trade Industrial Tribunal of New South Wales

   RTR         Road Traffic Reports (UK)

   Russ        Russell's Chancery Reports [ER 38]

   Russ & My   Russell & Mylne's Chancery Reports [ER 39]

   Russ & Ry   Russell & Ryan's Crown Cases Reserved [ER 168]

   RVR   Rating and Valuation Reporter 1961

   Ry & M     Ryan & Moody's Nisi Prius Reports [ER 171]


    SA              South African Law Reports

   SACCA     South Australian Court of Criminal Appeal

   SADC        District Court of South Australia [Media Neutral Citation]

   SAERDC    South Australian Environment Resources and Development Court

                    [Media Neutral Citation]

   SAfrCA    South Africa Court of Appeal

   SAIR         South Australian Industrial Reports

   SAIR (Pt1)  South Australian Industrial Reports (Part 1)

   SAIR (Pt2)  South Australian Industrial Reports (Part 2)

   SAIRC        South Australian Industrial Relations Court

   SAIRComm    South Australian Industrial Relations Commission

                        [Media Neutral Citation]

   Salk           Salkeld's King's Bench Reports [ER 91]

   SALCR     South Australian Licensing Court Reports  1967-1978

   SALR        South Australian Law Reports

   SAPR        South Australian Planning Reports

   SAR          South African Reports

   SasCA       Saskatchewan Court of Appeal

   Sask R      Saskatchewan Reports (Can)

   SCSam      Supreme Court of Samoa

   SASC        Supreme Court of South Australia [Media Neutral Citation]

   SASR        South Australian State Reports

   SATC        South African Tax Cases

   Saund       Williams' notes to Saunders' Reports [ER 85]

   SAWCT    South Australian Workers Compensation Tribunal

                   [Media Neutral Citation]

   Sav   Savile’s Common Pleas Reports (123 ER) 1580-94: Sav

   Sav     Savile's Common Pleas Reports [123 ER] (1580-94)

   Say         Sayer's King's Bench Reports [ER 96]

   SC          Session Cases, Decisions of the Court of Sessions (Scot)

   SC(Warren)   Superior Court Warren County

   SCAla       Supreme Court of Alabama

   SCAlaska   Supreme Court of Alaska

   SCAriz      Supreme Court of Arizona

   SCArk       Supreme Court of Arkansas

   SCC        Supreme Court Cases (India)

   SCCR        Scottish Criminal Case Reports

   SC (HL)     Session Cases (House of Lords) (Scot)

   Sch & Lef   Schoales & Lefroy's Irish Chancery Reports

   SC (J)      Session Cases (Justiciary) (Scot)

   SCBC        Supreme Court of British Columbia

   SCBel       Supreme Court of Belize

   SCC(K)I     Supreme Court of the Territory of Cocos (Keeling) Islands

   SCCal        Supreme Court of California

   SCCan       Supreme Court of Canada

   SCChrIs     Supreme Court of the Christmas Islands

   SCColo      Supreme Court of Colorado

   SCConn     Supreme Court of Connecticut

   SCFiji         Supreme Court of Fiji

   SCFla          Supreme Court of Florida

   SCGa          Supreme Court of Georgia

   SCHaw       Supreme Court of Hawaii

   SCHK        Supreme Court of Hong Kong

   SCIll           Supreme Court of Illinois

   SCInd         Supreme Court of Indiana

   SCIowa       Supreme Court of Iowa

   SCIre         Supreme Court of Ireland

   SCIsr        Supreme Court of Israel

   SCJap       Supreme Court of Japan

   Sc Jur       Scottish Jurist

   SCKan      Supreme Court of Kansas

   SCLa        Supreme Court of Louisiana

   Sc LR       Scottish Law Reporter (1865-1924)

   SCLR        Scottish Civil Law Reports

   SCMass    Supreme Court of Massachusetts

   SCMinn      Supreme Court of Minnesota

   SCMo        Supreme Court of Missouri

   SCMont     Supreme Court of Montana

   SCNeb       Supreme Court of Nebraska

   SCNev       Supreme Court of Nevada

   SCNH       Supreme Court of New Hampshire

   SCNJ        Supreme Court of New Jersey

   SCNM       Supreme Court of New Mexico

   SCNS       Supreme Court of Nova Scotia

   SCNY        Supreme Court of New York

   SCNZ        Supreme Court of New Zealand

   SCOhio      Supreme Court of Ohio

   SCOkla       Supreme Court of Oklahoma

   SCOnt        Supreme Court of Ontario

   SCOr        Supreme Court of Oregon

   ScotCS     Scottish Court of Session [Media Neutral Citation]

   ScotHC    Scottish High Court of Justiciary [Media Neutral Citation]

   Scott          Scott's Reports, Common Pleas (1834-1840)

   Scott NR    Scott's New Reports, Common Pleas (1840-1845)

   SCPa      Supreme Court of Pennsylvania

   SCPhil        Supreme Court of The Philippines

   SCPNG       Supreme Court of Papua New Guinea

   SCR            Supreme Court Reports (Canada)

   SCR (NSW)       Supreme Court Reports, (NSW)

   SCR (NS) (NSW)  Supreme Court Reports, New Series, (NSW)

   SCR (NSW) App   Supreme Court Reports, NSW, Appendix

   SCR (NSW) D     Supreme Court Reports, NSW, Divorce

   SCR (NSW) Eq    Supreme Court Reports, NSW, at Equity

   SCR (NSW) L     Supreme Court Reports, NSW, at Law

   SCR(Qld)    Supreme Court Reports, Queensland

   SCSAfr      Supreme Court of South Africa

   SCSC       Supreme Court of South Carolina

   S Ct        Supreme Court Reporter (USA)

   SCTas       Supreme Court of Tasmania

   SCTex       Supreme Court of Texas

   SCTrib      Superannuation Complaints Tribunal

   SCUK        Supreme Court of the United Kingdom

   SCUS        Supreme Court of the United States of America

   SCUtah      Supreme Court of Utah

   SCVa         Supreme Court of Virginia

   SCVic       Supreme Court of Victoria

   SCWash     Supreme Court of Washington

   SCWis       Supreme Court of Wisconsin

   SDBd( )     Sex Discrimination Board (State)

   SDP          Australian Stamp Duties in Practice

   SE          South Eastern Reporter (USA)

   SE 2d       South Eastern Reporter, Second Series (USA)

   SEC       Securities and Exchange Commission Decisions

              and Reports 1934 - (USA)

   SGCA     Singapore Court of Appeal

   SGHC     Singapore High Court

   Sh Sc App    P Shaw’s Scotch Appeals Cases, HL (1821-24)

   Show           Shower's King's Bench Reports [ER 89]

   Show Parl Cas  Shower's Parliamentary Cases [ER 1]

   Sid         Siderfin's King's Bench Reports [ER 82]

   Sim         Simon's Vice Chancellor's Reports [ER 57-60]

   Sim NS      Simon's Vice Chancellor's Reports, New Series [ER 61]

   Sim & St    Simon & Stuart's Vice Chancellor Reports [ER 57]

   SJLB        Solicitor's Journal Lawbrief

   Skin        Skinner's King's Bench Reports [ER 90]

   SLB         Australian Superannuation Law Bulletin

   SLR         Singapore Law Reports

   SLT         Scots Law Times

   SLT (Notes)   Scots Law Times Notes of Recent Decisions

   SLT (Sh Ct)    Scots Law Times, Sheriff Court Reports

   SmCTrib     Small Claims Tribunal

   Sm & G      Smale & Giffard's Chancery Reports [ER 65]

   SMRCl       Specialist Medical Review Council

   So          Southern Reporter (USA)

   So 2d       Southern Reporter (2nd Series) (USA)

   Sol Jo        Solicitors' Journal (UK)

   Sol Jo (Supp)   Solicitors' Journal Supplement (UK)

   SR (NSW)    State Reports, New South Wales

   SR (NSW) B & P  State Reports, New South Wales, Bankruptcy & Probate

   SR (NSW) D & M  State Reports, New South Wales, Divorce & Matrimonial

   SR (NSW) Eq     State Reports, New South Wales, at Equity

   SR (NSW) L      State Reports, New South Wales, at Law

   SR (WA)         State Reports, Western Australia

   SSAA        Social Security Appeal Authority (NZ)

   SSAT        Social Security Appeals Tribunal

   SSR         Social Security Reporter

   Stark       Starkie's Nisi Prius Reports [ER 171]

   State Tr    Howell's State Trials (UK)

   STC         Simon's Tax Cases

   Stra        Strange's King's Bench Reports [ER 93]

   St R Qd     State Reports, Queensland

   Sty         Style's King's Bench Reports [ER 82]

   Sumn     Sumner’s United States Circuit Court Reports (USA)

   SW          South Western Reporter (USA)

   SW 2d       South Western Reporter, 2nd Series (USA)

   SW 3d       South Western Reporter, 3rd Series (USA)

   Sw & Tr     Swabey & Tristram's Ecclesiastical Reports [ER 164]

   Sw          Swabey's Admiralty Reports [ER 166]

   Swan        Swanston's Chancery Reports [ER 36]

   SydLR       Sydney Law Review


   Taml      Tamlyn's Reports, Rolls Court [ER 48]

   Tarl        Tarleton's Term Reports (New South Wales)

   TasCCA      Tasmania Court of Criminal Appeal

   TASSC       Supreme Court of Tasmania [Media Neutral Citation]

   Tas LR      Tasmanian Law Reports

   Tas R       Tasmanian Reports

   Tas R (NC)  Tasmanian Reports, Notes of Cases

   Tas SR      Tasmanian State Reports

   Tas SR (NC)   Tasmanian State Reports, Notes of Cases

   TASRMPAT   Resource Management and Planning Appeal Tribunal

               of Tasmania [Media Neutral Citation]

   Taunt       Taunton's Common Pleas Reports [ER 127-129]

   TC          Reports of Tax Cases (UK)

   TCLR        Trade and Competition Law Reports

   TeleMedia   TeleMedia

   TBR         Taxation Board of Review

   TBRD        Taxation Board of Review Decisions

   TBR(PNG)    Taxation Board of Review, Papua New Guinea

   TBR(Vic)    Taxation Board of Review, Victoria

   TC              Reports of Tax Cases (UK)

   Term Rep    Durnford & East's Term Reports [ER 99-101]

   TIA            Taxation in Australia Journal

   T Jo            Sir Thomas Jones' King's Bench Reports [ER 84]

   TLJ             Torts Law Journal

   TLR             Times Law Reports

   TortLRev     Tort Law Review

   Toth              Tothill’s Transactions in Chancery [ER 21]

   TPAA(NZ)    Trade Practices Appeal Authority (NZ)

   TPAT        Town Planning Appeal Tribunal

   TPC         Trade Practices Cases (Aus)

   TPG         Town Planning & Local Government Guide (Aus)

   TPLB        Australian and New Zealand Trade Practices Law Bulletin

   TPLJ        Trade Practices Law Journal

   TPR         Trade Practices Reports

   TPRS        Trade Practices Reporting Service

   TPT         Trade Practices Tribunal

   TR          Taxation Reports

   TrL         Trading Law Reports

   T Raym      Sir T Raymond's King's Bench Reports [ER 83]

   TRNZ        Tax Reports New Zealand

   TS          Transvaal Supreme Court Reports (SAfr)

   TSCC     Tribunal of Social Security Commissioners (UK)

   T&TCA       Trinidad & Tobago Court of Appeal

   TTAB       Ontario Trial Cases (Canada)

   Turn & R    Turner & Russell's Chancery Reports [ER 37]

   Tyr        Tyrwhitt’s Exchequer Reports (1830-1835)


    UCCP      Upper Canada Common Pleas Reports

   UCQB     Upper Canada Queen’s Bench Reports (1844-1881)

   UKBdTd     United Kingdom Board of Trade

   UKIAT     United Kingdom Immigration Appeals Tribunal

   UKHL        House of Lords, United Kingdom

   UKHRR      United Kingdom Human Rights Reports (2000 - )

   UKPC        United Kingdom Privy Council Decisions

   UKPC D      United Kingdom Privy Council Decisions (Devolution Cases)

   UNDALR      University of Notre Dame Australia Law Review

   UNHCR       United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

   UNHRC       United Nations Human Rights Commission

   UNSWLJ      University of New South Wales Law Journal

   UQLJ        University of Queensland Law Journal

   US            United States Reports

   USCA        United States Court of Appeal

   USLW        United States Law Week

   USPQ        United States Patents Quarterly

   USPQ 2d (BNA)   United States Patents Quarterly (Second Series)

   UTasLR      University of Tasmania Law Review

   UWALRev     University of Western Australia Law Review


    Va           Virginia Reports

   VAdmCt      Vice Admiralty Court (UK)

   V & DR    VAT and Duties Tribunal Reports (UK)

   V&DT       VAT and Duties Tribunal (UK)

   VAR         Victorian Administrative Reports

   Vaugh       Vaughan's Common Pleas Reports [ER 124]

   VBN         Victorian Bar News

   VCAT        Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal

   VCC       Victorian County Court

   V ConvR     Victorian Conveyancing Reports (Aus)

  VDBT     Victorian Domestic Building Tribunal

   Vent        Ventris' King's Bench Reports [ER 86]

   Vern        Vernon's Chancery Reports [ER 23]

   Ves         Vesey Junior's Chancery Reports [ER 30-34]

   Ves         Supplement to Vesey Junior's Chancery Reports [ER 34]

   Ves & B     Vesey & Beames' Chancery Reports [ER 35]

   Ves Sen     Vesey Senior's Chancery Reports [ER 27-28]

   Ves Sen     Supplement to Vesey Senior's Chancery Reports [ER 28]

   Vic ACR     Victorian Accident Compensation Reports

   VicAD       Victorian Appeal Division

   VicCCA      Victoria Court of Criminal Appeal

   VIR         Victorian Industrial Reports

   VLR          Victorian Law Reports

   VLR (A)      Victorian Law Reports, Admiralty

   VLR (E)      Victorian Law Reports, Equity

   VLR (IP & M)    Victorian Law Reports, Insolvency, Probate & Matrimonial

   VLR (L)      Victorian Law Reports, Law

   VLR (M)      Victorian Law Reports, Mining Cases

   VLT          Victorian Law Times

   VPA         Victorian Planning Appeal Decisions

   VPAB      Victorian Planning Appeal Board

   VPR         Victorian Planning Reports (1999-  )

   VPrivCmr        Office of the Victorian Privacy Commissioner

   VR           Victorian Reports

   VR (IE & M)    Victorian Reports, Insolvency,

                          Ecclesiastical & Matrimonial Reports

   VR (L)      Victorian Reports, Law

   VR(M)      Victorian Reports, Mining

   VR (E)      Victorian Reports, Equity

   VRB         Veteran's Review Board

   VSC         Supreme Court of Victoria [Media Neutral Citation]

   VSCA        Supreme Court of Victoria Court of Appeal

            [Media Neutral Citation]


W & W

W & W (E)

W & W (IE & M)

W & W (L)



















Wash 2d



Wm Bl


WCBD (Vic)






WCR (Qld)




Web Pat Cas

West temp Hard



White & Tud LC



Wils Ch


Wils & S



Wis 2d


W Jo




WN (Pt 1) (NSW)

WN (Pt 2) (NSW)

Wm Rob





WW & A'B

WW & A'B (E)

WW & A'B (L) 


Wyatt & Webb's Victorian Reports

Wyatt & Webb's Victorian Reports, Equity

Wyatt & Webb's Victorian Reports (Insolvency, Ecclesiastical & Matrimonial)

Wyatt & Webb's Victorian Reports, Law

Western Appeal Cases (Can) (1991 - )

Western Australian Children's Court [Media Neutral Citation]

Western Australia Court of Criminal Appeal

Western Australia District Court

Western Australian Information Commissioner

Western Australia Industrial Gazette

Western Australia Industrial Relations Commission

Wallace's Supreme Court Reports (USA)

Western Australian Liquor Licensing Court [Media Neutral Citation]

Western Australian Law Reports

Western Australian Law Reports, Industrial Cases

Western Australian Medical Board

Western Australian Mining Wardens’ Court [Media Neutral Citation]

Western Australian Reports

State Administrative Tribunal (WA)

Western Australia Supreme Court [Media Neutral Citation]

Western Australia Court of Appeal [Media Neutral Citation]

Washington Reports (USA)

Washington Reports, Second Series (USA)

Western Australian Town Planning Appeal Tribunal [Media Neutral Citation]

Wards Appeal Tribunal

William Blackstone's King's Bench Reports [ER 96]

Workers' Compensation Appeal Tribunal (SA)

Workers' Compensation Board Decisions (Vic)

Workers' Compensation Board of Western Australia

Workmen's Compensation Cases (UK)

Workers' Compensation Commission of New South Wales

Workers Compensation Commission Reports of Cases (NSW)

Workers' Compensation Reports (NSW)

Workers' Compensation Reports (Qld)

Workers' Compensation Review Panel (South Australia)

Workers' Compensation Tribunal (South Australia)

Warden's Court (Western Australia)

Webster's Patent Cases (1602- 1855)

West's Chancery Reports [ER 25]

Wharton’s Reports (Pennsylvania) (1835-41)

Wheaton's Supreme Court Reports (USA)

White & Tudor, Leading Cases in Equity

Willes Common Pleas Reports [ER 125]

Wilmot's Notes on King's Bench [ER 97]

Wilson's Chancery Reports [ER 37]

Wilson's King's Bench Reports [ER 95]

Wilson and Shaw's Scotch Appeals, House of Lords (1825-1835)

World Intellectual Property Organisation

West Indian Law Reports

Wisconsin Reports, Second Series (USA)

Wisconsin Court of Appeal (USA)

Sir William Jones' King's Bench Reports [ER 82]

Weekly Law Reports

Weekly Notes (UK)

Weekly Notes, New South Wales

Weekly Notes, New South Wales, Part One

Weekly Notes, New South Wales, Part Two

William Robinson's Admiralty Reports [ER 166]

Weekly Reporter

Western Samoa Law Reports (1980-1993)

Supreme Court of Samoa [Media Neutral Citation]

World Trade Organization

Wyatt, Webb & a'Beckett's Reports, Victoria

Wyatt, Webb & a'Beckett's Reports, Victoria, at Equity

Wyatt, Webb & a'Beckett's Reports, Victoria, at Law

Western Weekly Reports (Canada)


XIPCt Xiamen Intermediate People's Court (China)


Y & C Ch Cas

 Y & C Ex

Y & J

YCt( )


Younge & Collyer's Chancery Reports [ER 62-63]

Younge & Collyer's Exchequer Reports [ER 160]

Younge & Jervis' Exchequer Reports [ER 148]

Youth Court of (state)

Yelverton's King's Bench Reports [ER 80]

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