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Begin your research with the LexisNexis® research services by completing the form as described below and then click the Sign In button.

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Choose the language in which you wish to view the LexisNexis services.

Enter your LexisNexis ID.

Enter your LexisNexis password.

Forgot My Password
Click this link to receive an email with access to your password information.

Sign In
After providing your ID and password, click this button to begin your LexisNexis research session.

Remember My Sign-In Information

Select this checkbox if you prefer not to type your ID and password each time you enter the LexisNexis® research services. If you use more than one browser, remember to save your sign-in information on each one.

Note: This function is not recommended for use on public workstations.  All research performed at a workstation will be assigned to the ID in use when "Remember my Sign-In Information" was checked, and that ID will accrue charges accordingly.
  • To turn off the "Remember my Sign In information" option, sign off the LexisNexis® research services and click the "Un-save my Sign-In information" link on the screen that appears.

Bypass the Sign-In Page

If you prefer to bypass the LexisNexis homepage where you sign in, do the following:

  1. Enter your ID and password as described above.
  2. Check the " Remember My Sign-In Information" checkbox.
  3. Use your browser's bookmark feature to point to the LexisNexis® research services

Use a Secure Connection
Your LexisNexis sign-in information is always sent over a secure connection using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).  However, if you click the "Use a Secure Connection for Entire Session" link, your entire session is transmitted using a secure connection. Secured Sockets Layer is the standard encryption protocol used to provide a secure connection. With SSL in place, information is encrypted before it is transmitted between your computer and LexisNexis, blocking any attempt to observe this information by another party.

  • SSL encryption may result in slightly slower system performance over a dial-up connection.
  • To turn off the secure connection, click the Sign-Off link at the top of any LexisNexis® research services page, then sign back on, leaving the "Use a secure connection for entire session" box unchecked. Or, while in the Lexisnexis® research services, click Preferences at the top of the screen and uncheck the "Use a secure connection for entire session" option on the screen that appears.

Register to Personalise Your ID and Password
If "Register Now" and "Register Later" buttons appear under your sign-in form, you can personalise your ID and password to use certain product features such as preferences and saved searches.

  • Click "Register Now" to create a personalised ID and password.

    Note: This feature is only available for users with IP authentication. Check with your system administrator if you have any questions.

  • If you prefer to register later, click that button and enter the LexisNexis research services. You can click the "Register" link on the top navigation bar within the LexisNexis research services to change your ID and password.
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