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Browsing a Source
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Use the Browse tab to look at a list of sources that may be browsed within the current tab or to look inside a single source at its table of contents, documents, etc. You may select sources or subsections of sources on the Browse tab and then click the Search tab to search within the sources you selected. You may also broaden the number of sources in which to search by clicking the Search tab and making a new selection in the Select Sources drop-down list. For more information on searching, see Developing a Search.

Note: You may only browse sources that have tables of contents. If a source does not have a table of contents, the name of the source is displayed as a label, not a link.

Click on a link below to read more about the basic features available when browsing sources.

Browsing a Source
Tagging Documents While Browsing
Using Quick Search

Browsing a Source

Getting Started

To see all the sources that you may browse within the current tab (or all the sources in a combined source), click "All." To browse a specific source, click the name of the source.

You may browse sources in two ways:

  • With "short tree" browsing, as you navigate through a source, the previous levels are truncated, showing only the level you are currently viewing.

  • With "full tree" browsing, the source you are browsing is opened within the structure of the original list.

    Note: You may browse only one source at a time. If you select another source while browsing, the first source will be closed.

To set your browsing options, click the Preferences link on the top navigation bar.

To select specific levels within sources, click the check box next to a level. Click the "plus" and "minus" icons to expand and contract a level. When you are finished, go back to the Search tab and continue your search. The selections that you choose on the Browse tab are reflected on the Search tab.

Tagging Documents While Browsing

You may select, or "tag," documents and sections of documents in Browse for delivery, searching, or viewing a document or section. For example, if you tag section 1, 6 and 10 in a document, you may print, view or search just those tagged sections later.

Note: You may tag documents and sections within only one source at a time. If you have tagged items in one source, then try to select another, you'll see a message warning that if you continue, the tagged items in the first source will be lost.

  • To tag a document or section, click the check box next to the document or section name.

  • To tag all documents and sections, click the check box next to the source name.

  • To print, email, or download tagged documents, click the appropriate delivery icon on the Results or Full Document page. On the delivery form that appears, you'll see the document numbers you tagged displayed in the Selected Items box under Document Range.

  • For a full search on the tagged sections of a document, click those sections and return to the Search tab.

  • For a quick search on the tagged sections, use the Quick Search form described below.

  • To view tagged documents or sections in Full Document View, click the View Tagged button.

Using Quick Search

After you have tagged sections or documents, enter search terms in the field provided under the Quick Search form. Click Search to retrieve your results.

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