Why Register?
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If you are an IP-authenticated user (i.e., you don't normally have to enter an ID and password to enter the LexisNexis research services), there are several features that are available to you only after registering a personalized ID and password.

  • Favorite Sources—Select sources, combine them with others, name and save the combination as a favorite to use when searching.

  • Save This Search—Save any search before or after retrieving results, then view the saved searches list, rerun a search manually, edit the search, etc., at any time.

  • Recent Documents—In your history, each results document you have viewed over the past 48 hours is listed (up to a limit of 100 documents).

  • Recent Searches—In your history, each search you have run over the past seven days is listed with the search criteria you entered (up to a limit of 100 searches). You may run, edit, or delete any recent search.

  • Scheduled Searches/Alerts—Save a search as an alert and schedule it to run at regular intervals. Results can be viewed online or via email.

  • Legal Updates—Save predetermined search criteria or legal topics to run at regular intervals. Results can be viewed online or via email.

  • General Preferences—customize:
    • your default start page
    • project IDs across sessions
    • language and time zone settings
    • default country code

  • Search and Results Preferences—customize:
    • default view format for your search results
    • the number of documents displayed at one time in your search results
    • document indexing options in your search results
    • natural language sort order in your results
    • full document display options in your results
    • automatic spell check
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