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The Results page includes features to help you get the most out of your search results. For example, you may:

  • Make your results more specific with the "Search within results" and/or the "Filter by Date" feature

  • Sort the results

  • Tag specific files to display, print, email or download them, or to add them to the delivery folder to deliver later.

In List and Expanded List view, the results page displays basic information, in a numbered list, about the documents your search found. Click any active link to view that document.

Note: When you are viewing the results of a group alert, not all features are available.

When you are searching certain Nexis sources, the Web News feature may enable you to search web news sources that are associated with the Nexis sources. For information on the Web News feature, see Web News Feature.

You may change the results display by selecting one of the following view formats from the View drop-down list. For more information about view formats, see View Formats.

  • List -- Displays document names in a numbered list. It also displays basic information about the documents such as .

  • Expanded List -- Displays the same information as in List View for each document, along with your search terms in context.

  • -- Displays the complete text of the documents your search found.

  • Custom -- The Custom option is the same as the option, except that it allows you to specify the document information that you want to view. When you select Custom for the first time after retrieving a new set of results, the system prompts you for the document sections that you want to include in your view. After you have created a custom view, you can change it by clicking the "Modify" link that appears next to the View drop-down list.

    Note: The custom view that you create is retained if you search within results or perform a "more like this" search, or if you deliver documents from the current results set. However, the custom view will be reset after your next search.

    The Custom option may not be available, depending on the sources included in your search.

  • KWIC™ -- Displays each document individually with your search terms highlighted and surrounded by a window of 25 words. This option is not available for all sources.

You may want to change the order in which your results are displayed to make them easier to review. To do that, select a sort format from the drop-down list. Sort options vary according to the type of documents in your results, but may include Newest to Oldest, Oldest to Newest, and Relevance.

Next Steps
Select an option from the Next Steps drop-down list and then click Go to continue working with your results. The options that appear are dependent on the way you arrived at your results and the content you are viewing.

Edit Search
Click to edit your original search.

New Search
Click to enter a new search. You'll return to the same search form you used to enter this search.

View Tagged/View All Results
(To tag a document, select the check box next to the document name.) Click the View Tagged button to display only the documents you have tagged in the current set of results. When viewing the tagged documents, click the View All Results button to return to the original display.

Duplicate Options
(Not available for all search types.) Duplicate options lets you choose whether or not you want to use similarity analysis to process your search results. Similarity analysis detects similar documents in your search results and groups them together. For more information about duplicate options, see What are duplicate options?

Results Navigation Arrows (Next/Previous, First/Last)
At the top of the page, click these buttons to go to the previous and next pages of your results.

Previous Icon Click to view the previous page of results.

Next Icon Click to view the next page of results.

At the bottom of the page in List view, click these buttons to skip through larger sets of results at one time.

View First Page Icon Click to view the first page of your results.

View Previous Page Icon Click to view the previous page of your results.

View Next Page Icon Click to view the next page of your results.

View Last Page Icon Click to view the last page of your results.

Search within results
Use the "Search within results" box to search for a more specific topic within your original search results. This search retrieves a subset of your original results.

To use this feature, enter the words or phrases that you want to focus on within the current results and click the Go button. For more information about this feature, see Searching within Your Results.

Note: If you are viewing a result group, a "Search within results" will run on the full results list, not just the group you are currently viewing.

To return to your original results after using this feature, click the Results tab at the top of the page.

Note: The "Search within results" box does not appear if:

  • You are viewing only tagged results

  • You accessed the document from the Recent Documents screen or by browsing the TOC

  • Your results include only one document

Filter by Date
You can click the Filter by Date link to display the Search within results box. In this box, you can narrow your search by entering additional search terms (see the topic above) and/or you can narrow it to a specific date or date range that falls within the range of previously specified dates.

Enhanced Coverage Linking
If you have the Enhanced Coverage Linking feature enabled, the names of some companies and people may display a down-arrow icon next to them. When you click this icon, you will see a list of information sources you can apply that name to as a search to obtain in-depth information about it. You will be informed if additional charges apply and will be given the opportunity to cancel your request.

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