Lexis® Diligence now lets you reach farther—and deeper (Nov / Dec 2013)

The Lexis® Diligence research and report product can give you a more detailed view of companies—and the possible risks involved with doing business with them. Compiled from a broad spectrum of sources chosen specifically for due diligence, Lexis Diligence reduces due diligence research to a single search that helps you:

  • Predict potential risks by understanding their financial vitals
  • Develop a profile that goes well beyond financials, including breaking news, litigation history, sanctions, watch lists, public records and more
  • Efficiently and effectively gather and share information with a customized report builder that lets you choose, prioritize and annotate intelligence before sharing with stakeholders

Now Lexis Diligence offers more research options:

New! Predict potential risks with Experian commercial credit data and risk scores

With Experian commercial credit scores, you can better protect your clients by helping them identify more of the customers, prospects, new applicants and other third parties with the highest chance of bad debt risk or going out of business.

Plus you can protect your own organization by evaluating the financial solvency of potential clients and opposing clients in litigation. And determine if potential clients will be able to pay their bills on time.

Experian commercial credit data and risk scores include score summaries. Add Experian commercial credit scores to Lexis Diligence Person Check or Company Check searches

The Experian advantage: With more than 40 million U.S. companies in its databases, Experian® offers more coverage than other commercial credit score providers. That comprehensive coverage also helps Experian specialize in intelligence for small and midsize companies. Plus Experian has no self-reported data, which can be inaccurate and biased.

Ask your LexisNexis® representative about adding Experian commercial credit scores to your Lexis Diligence subscription.

New! Add Public Records documents to the report builder

With the Lexis Diligence Report Builder, you can save relevant documents from across different sources and create a custom due diligence report. Results are automatically categorized by the entity searched. You can reorder documents; just drag and drop. And notes can be added to summarize key points or next steps for other reviewers.

Now you can add Public Records results documents to your custom report. Download all information pertinent to your due diligence research in a single download. No need to manage separate files, manually merge or copy/paste text. 

Also email Public Records documents! An email option has been added for delivery of public records from a specific results page.

New! See company locations with Google Maps™ 

When a complete address is included within a document in Company Reports, D&B® Global Profiles and Experian Commercial Credit Scores, an icon displays beside that address. Click the map icon next to the address, and Google Maps opens in a new window.

This new option helps you understand the context of a company’s location, e.g., see the size, the location in conjunction to other important locations or transportation routes, get directions to the location, etc.
Even help identify possible fraud. For example, if a company claims to be a corporate headquarters, but Google Maps (particularly the satellite view) shows that the address is an empty lot, you may have reason to doubt the legitimacy of the entity.

Even help identify possible fraud. For example, if a company claims to be a corporate headquarters, but Google Maps (particularly the satellite view) shows that the address is an empty lot, you may have reason to doubt the legitimacy of the entity.

New! Add your logo to reports

By choosing the new Report Builder preference type within Admin Preferences, the administrator may upload a GIF or PNG image (maximum 5KB). Select whether the logo displays to the left or right of the Lexis Diligence logo on
deliveries. Plus your logo will display on the first page of any report for all users within your Lexis Diligence bill group.

New! Additional company reports option

Now you can refine your Lexis Diligence company reports search to exclude contact directories. Select this option to remove results that focus on a person within a company and not on the company itself. If you’re not interested in the contact information, this option provides fewer and more relevant results.

New! Alphabetical sort option for results 

Sort buttons have been added to the top of the Narrow Your Results categories so you can sort alphabetically in addition to numerically (the default today). Alphabetical sorting can be especially useful after clicking the More link for any category, making it easier to spot an item by the first letter, such as locating a specific publication in a long list of sources.

New! Cost Code enhancements

Based on direct customer input, Cost Codes in Lexis Diligence have been enhanced, specifically: 

1. Cost Codes entered via Person Check, Company Check or Country Check will remain across searches, eliminating the need to reenter the same Cost Code multiple times. An entered Cost Code will “stick” until you change it or delete it.
2. Cost Codes can now be assigned to public records searches.
3. Select special characters will now be accepted in the Cost Code field. Allowable characters include: forward slash, hyphen, underscore, period and comma.
4. Lengthy, system-added “KYC Codes” will be removed from the Project ID/Cost Code field on customer invoices. Only user-added Cost Codes will display.