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At-A-Glance Early Case Assessment (4/2011)
At-A-Glance Legal News (4/2011)
At-A-Glance Practice Area Resources (4/2011)
ALM FAQ's (4/2011)
ALM LN Competitive Literature Sheet (4/2011)

atVantage Business Development Tools (01/2011)

LexisNexis CourtLink (11/2011)
LexisNexis CourtLink Comparison (3/2013)
CourtLink Samsung Android App (07/2011)

Discovery Solutions
LexisNexis E-Discovery Solutions (9/2012)
LexisNexis Litigation Solutions(3/2012)

LexisNexis e-Books(01/2011)

Expert Witness

Lexis Search Advantage for Courts Solution(04/2010)

Intellectual Property
LexisNexis Intellectual Property Solutions (03/2011)

LexisNexis Global Law, News & Business Resources (9/2012)

Knowledge Mosaic
Knowledge Mosaic Community Banks (04/2013)
Knowledge Mosaic Corporate Secretaries & Governance Professionals (04/2013)
Knowledge Mosaic Disclosure & Transactions (04/2013)
Knowledge Mosaic Dodd-Frank Rulemaking Tracker (04/2013)
Knowledge Mosaic Law Firm Memos (04/2013)
Knowledge Mosaic Practice Area Guide - Energy and Environment (04/2013)
Knowledge Mosaic Overview (02/2013)

Legislative & Regulatory
Expanded federal legislative and regulatory historical documents (10/2012)
United States Code Service (10/2012)

Lexis Advance
Lexis Advance Alerts (6/2013)
Lexis Advance Available Content (2/2012)
LexisAdvance Connectors (2/2013)
Lexis Advance Legal Issue Trail (10/2011)
Lexis Advance My Workspace(10/2011)
Lexis Advance Overview (10/2011)
Lexis AdvanceQuick Reference Guide (2/2013)
Lexis Advance Segment Searching (3/2013)
Lexis Advance Top Ten (8/2012)
LexisNexis Editorial Approach (3/2013)
Tips for Researching LexisNexis Public Records via Lexis Advance (3/2013)

Lexis for Microsoft Office
Lexis for Microsoft OfficeAt-A-Glance (5/2011)
Lexis for Microsoft Office August 2012 enhancements (8/2012)
Lexis for Microsoft Office Brochure (7/2012)
Lexis for Microsoft Office How To Guide (8/2012)
Lexis for Microsoft Office Tip Sheet Check Cite Format (8/2012)
Lexis for Microsoft Office User Guide V2 (10/2011)

Learning LexisNexis (08/2011)
lexis.com At-A-Glance (08/2011)
lexis.com Custom Tabs (10/2010)
lexis.com Quick Reference Guide(08/2011)
LexisNexis Alerts(12/2010)
LexisNexis Auto Accident Reports (03/2011)
NEW lexis.com User Enhancements (06/2010)

Lexis Practice Advisor
Lexis Practice Advisor(6/2012)
Lexis Practice Advisor User Guide (6/2013)

LexisNexis Publisher
LexisNexis Publisher Enhancements (04/2011)
LexisNexis Publisher Solutions (11/2011)
LexisNexis Publisher Dec Enhancements (12/2010)
LexisNexis Publisher Newsletter Delivery Guide (12/2010)
LexisNexis Publisher Quick Reference (08/2008)
LexisNexis Publisher PubWatch (06/2007)
LexisNexis Publisher Search Tips (08/2008)
LexisNexis Publisher User Guide (12/2010)
LexisNexis Publisher Web News (11/2012)
Librarian Case Studies: Research Solutions: LexisNexis Publisher
LexisNexis Publisher User Group Meeting May 2012 (5/2012)
LexisNexis Publisher User Group Meeting February 2013 (2/2013)

LexisNexis StateNet
LexisNexis StateNet Overview

Lexis Search Advantage
Lexis Search Advantage and Document Profiling (02/2011)
White Paper: Proliferation of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) and Reimbursable Private Cloud Computing Costs by Michael R. Arkfield (06/2011)

LexisNexis Litigation Profile Suite
LexisNexis Litigation Profile Suite literature (6/2012)

Mealey's Litigation Reports (06/2011)

Mobile Solutions
Mobile Solutions from LexisNexis (11/2012)

News & Business
EDGAR Online Enhanced Real Time SEC Filings (02/2011)
LexisNexis Dossier Publishing Manager User Guide (03/2009)
LexisNexis Dossier Suite (06/2010)
LexisNexis Due Diligence Dashboard (06/2011)
LexisNexisNews and Business Collection (06/2011)
The Wall Street Journal Applications (01/2009)
The Wall Street Journal Online in association with LexisNexis (01/2009)
The Wall Street Journal Overview (01/2009)

ID Maintenance Tool User Guide(11/2010)
Large Law PowerInvoice User Guide(08/2009)

Print Expert Sources from LexisNexis and Matthew Bender(07/2010)

Public Records
Researching Public Records at lexis.com (07/2011)

Risk Solutions
LexisNexis InstantID (03/2010)

Shepards Signal Indicators and Analysis Phrases (4/2012)

Lexis Multistate Tax Charts With Analysis Overview (2/2013)