LexisNexis® Client Analysis

Sharpen your business development focus.

It’s time to take a good look at all your important clients … again. If what you see is essentially a static picture, you’re overlooking a valuable opportunity. Existing customers belong at the core of your business development initiatives. You already have a relationship, track record, and shared knowledge and experiences as a foundation. By adding in a mix of customer intelligence and insights available through LexisNexis® Client Analysis software, you’ll soon discover that what you didn’t know before can really help you now.

LexisNexis Client Analysis software relies on your own firm’s data resources – financial analytics, performance metrics, customer-relationship management (CRM) records and competitive intelligence – as a starting point. With that background knowledge, you have the analytical power to create detailed client profiles and identify accounts representing the most value to your firm. You can strategically target cross-selling opportunities, assemble the right client team to win the deal, and allocate practice resources to deliver the best return on investment.

As a web-based application, LexisNexis Client Analysis software gives business development people new capabilities to handle:

  • Self-Service Analysis – Sort and filter client data in multiple ways without impacting Financial Department personnel.
  • Cross-Sell Analysis – Create custom intersections of data to highlight potential new sources of business.
  • Trend Analysis – Study activity reports over time periods to identify changes up and down in hours, billings, workloads and client value.
  • Profiles – Complete your client profile picture by leveraging other products from the LexisNexis portfolio. Add wallet-share assessments and relationship data points from LexisNexis® atVantage software to your own segmentation analysis. When your detailed reports are finished, export and manage your target lists within a LexisNexis® InterAction® CRM solution.

Are you getting the right share of your clients’ legal business plus a good ROI to match? Take another look with LexisNexis Client Analysis software.

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What Customers Are Saying

“When LexisNexis Client Analysis is fully deployed, the improved user experience will help us realize more efficient and streamlined business development efforts. One major benefit will be how easily we can create a snapshot of our clients including a wider array of metrics. We’re eager to get our people trained so we can turn the firm’s historical data into easily accessible analytic reports.”

Teresa Walker Executive Director
Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis

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