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As firms are continuing their year-end work our CA webinar series will be focused on the functionality of our tools during the start of the year, but then transitioning to some our new thought leadership topics as we finish up spring.  We want to thank all firms for the feedback we have received on the sessions and encourage all to continue voicing your thoughts.  

The schedule will be as follows:

April 15th   – New analytics within profitability:  Getting a head start on the driving forces of your firms’ profit – 2pm Eastern
April 22nd   – The Lateral Dilemma and Succession Planning – 2 pm Eastern
April 29th  – Basic Formula Techniques for Report Studio – 2 pm Eastern
May 13th  - Dashboarding techniques  – 2pm Eastern
May 20th – Ramping up for a mid-year collection push and the analytics that can help – 2pm Eastern
June 10th – How to change the perception of the finance and marketing departments:  From Cost Center to Revenue Center – 2pm Eastern
June 17th – Associate Analysis – Getting into the weeds on what makes associates succeed or fail

To register, go to this link and use the password spr1ng. Remember, there is no cost to participate in any of these sessions with a current Continued Analytics subscription.

Two private remote trainings are also available to each firm so if you are looking for PowerPlay or Panorama training, please contact us to schedule, or check the recorded archive.



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