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Most of the Services available from the Redwood Analytics team fit into one of two main classifications: Implementation Services and Professional Consulting Services. Of necessity, every client takes advantage of the first offering; forward-thinking clients also rely on the second.

Implementation Services

Getting your new solution installed, integrated and ready to go is the role of Implementation Services. There are numerous steps involved in that process that begin with detailed planning and end with testing and training before the solution is turned over to your firm; you’ll be directly involved in many of those deployment activities. Although every implementation is different, the overall goal is constant: get your Redwood Analytics solution up and running quickly, correctly and to your complete satisfaction.

Professional Consulting Services

For expert advice that can enhance your operations and business performance, turn to our Professional Consulting Services. The offerings are unique to each practice since they combine your own results and working conditions with our best-practice insights and decades of experience. Some of the services available include:

  • Profitability Analysis – based on an audit of your financial and performance data
  • Benchmarking Performance Review – that correlates your results with comparable firms
  • Business Growth Assessments – using data for client attrition, compensation and other factors
  • Dashboard Customizations – to fine-tune reporting capabilities and the sharing of results
  • and much more.

The list of consulting services is as varied and differentiated as your own legal firm. Put us to the test; contact the Redwood Analytics Professional Services team to discuss your unique situation and needs.


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