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Redwood Support

There are people and programs dedicated to making certain your new Redwood Analytics solution delivers all the capabilities and value you expected. With expert advice from our Support and Training teams, you can learn about all the features and functions of Redwood Analytics, and know you can leverage years of professional experience for helpful guidance whenever you need it.

Professional Support from Subject Matter Experts

If you need Technical Support for any reason, our Hotlines are staffed during standard business hours. Through the Hotline, you’ll gain direct and indirect access to our knowledgeable industry experts, engineers, and information professionals who are well-versed in analytics, database operations, and every aspect of a Redwood Analytics solution.

Contact Redwood Analytics Support: 8:30am – 8:00pm EST

Phone: 856-231-8989 x1

E-mail: redwood.helpdesk@lexisnexis.com

Redwood Analytics Training Options

Training activities for Redwood Analytics are tailored to the specific needs of each client. For new customers, the Redwood Fundamentals training program – using hands-on activities led by both on-site and remote instructors – is delivered as a standard component of each installation and deployment process.  Beyond that educational starting point, additional training and instructional support is handled through the Continued Analytics program.

Contact your Redwood Analytics Professional Services team to find out more about the Continued Analytics program, or learn how to request and schedule training outside the program.


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For more information call 856.231.8989 x1

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