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How secure is your “secure” file-sharing method? It’s time to find out.

Law firms today too often have to balance two competing interests when sharing confidential documents: Security or ease of use. With few options that satisfy both, attorneys have been desperately searching for new solutions.

When you’re ready to make the move from searching for the right solution to putting real enterprise-secure file-sharing into practice, call a Time Matters representative at 888.488.7941. Time Matters Client Portal makes Fortune 100-level file-sharing security available to even the smallest firms at no extra cost with a Time Matters subscription and Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP).

Survey Report

  • File-Sharing in the Legal Industry: Learn more about the disconnect between what firms say about file-sharing security, and what they actually do to keep documents safe.
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White Paper

  • A Law Firm Guide to Protecting the Confidentiality of Shared Client Files: Read about common file-sharing solutions, and why they may not be as secure as you think.
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  • Time Matters Document Security: Learn how easy it can be to share confidential files without compromising client security, or leaving your firm open to malpractice claims.


  • Problematic Portrait of File Sharing in Law Firms: Get a quick visual picture of how law firms are lagging in protecting client confidentiality in shared files.
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Press Release

  • LexisNexis Survey Paints Problematic Portrait of File Sharing in Law Firms: Learn more details from the March, 2014 survey of file-sharing security.
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