Payroll powered by ADP® (for U.S. Customers)

LexisNexis has joined forces with Automatic Data Processing Inc. (ADP), the leading provider of payroll services, to offer a secure and easy, integrated option for processing your firm payroll.*

  • Process payroll
  • Print checks from PCLaw or pay employees by direct deposit (additional bank charges may apply for direct deposit)
  • Print payroll reports
  • Export payroll entries to PCLaw
  • Print W-2 and W-3 forms and quarterly reports complete with pre-filled payroll information
  • Print W2s and 1099s
  • File federal taxes electronically

*The PCLaw Payroll powered by ADP service is a replacement to the legacy PCLaw Payroll Module which is no longer supported. PCLaw Payroll powered by ADP requires version 9 of PCLaw.

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Payroll Powered by ADP simplifies firm payroll and offers these unique benefits:

  • Setup wizards simplify startup
  • Unlimited toll-free support and online help are available from payroll professionals
  • Federal, state and local taxes and liabilities are calculated using the latest tax updates for greater payroll accuracy
  • Online reminders to file and pay taxes minimize the risk of penalties
  • Signature-ready and prefilled federal and state tax forms can reduce errors

You can start anytime. You make no commitment, and you have no software or tax tables to download and install.

Frequently Asked Questions

In an effort to clarify some of the most common concerns, we provide you with a list of the questions and the corresponding answers.

Download the FAQ's document for ADP®

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Getting Started

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