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The Secret Law Firm Metric Clients Will Pay Their Attorneys to Improve

Hint: It’s not a financial metric, but it can have a big impact on law firm profitability

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A Practice Owner's Hierarchy of Tasks

12 things to stop doing to start driving more revenue

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Seven Secrets for Climbing Out of the Underearning Rut

Getting out of your own way so you can live the life you deserve.

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A Law Firm Guide to Secure File Sharing

When it comes to secure file sharing, find out why good enough isn’t good enough anymore.

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12 Keys to Unlocking Productivity in Your Law Office

Uncover Billable Time Killers with a Personal Productivity Audit

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Safeguarding Your Law Firm from Liability

Eight Tactics to Minimize Malpractice Risk

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Avoiding Conflicts of Interest

Conducting deep, wide, and ongoing background checks help keep law firms in the clear

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Choosing a Professional “Installation Plan” to Optimize Your Software Investment

For a fast and certain ROI, resist the temptation to DIY

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Client Development

Uncover potential clients and boost client referrals

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Creating a Work/Life Balance

Finding ways to reduce stress and increase productivity

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Email Management

Stay in control with a well-thought-out, office-wide process for handling email

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Going Paperless

Going paperless … the real world approach

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Improving Client Intake

Reasons to develop and use a client intake process within your practice management system

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Malpractice Avoidance

Effective case management tools are the best way to avoid the cost and stress of client lawsuits

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Minimize Docketing Errors

Save time and decrease the risk of errors

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Optimize Your Small, Specialized Law Firm

Simple rules to take the hassles out of day-to-day practice management tasks

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Selecting a Practice Management System

Find a solution that fits your requirements and empowers everyone to work more productively

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Suddenly Solo Law Firms

How to start, run, and grow a successful business when you’re going it alone

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Time Matters with Time Entry Advisor

Time Matters with Time Entry Advisor can take the mystery out of capturing time. Time Entry Advisor provides the billable time surveillance you need, automatically tracking and documenting your daily activities, capturing unbilled work.

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