Collier Forms Manual Author to Settle Rights Dispute Between Warren Beatty & Tribune Over *** Tracy

Judge Kevin J. Carey, Collier Forms Manual co-author and Chief Judge of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware, presiding over the Tribune Co.’s chapter 11 bankruptcy case, heard arguments on Thursday, April 30, in the Tribune’s long-running dispute with actor Warren Beatty regarding the television and film rights to the character *** Tracy.

Tribune attorneys want a declaration that the media company owns the rights to *** Tracy, while attorneys for Beatty are pushing for a jury trial in California, where he filed a federal lawsuit against Tribune in 2008. Beatty’s attorneys want Tribune's bankruptcy filing dismissed.
Beatty sued the Tribune in November 2008, before its bankruptcy filing, in response to the company's assertion that the Tracy rights had reverted to Tribune. Beatty's attorneys want Judge Carey to lift the automatic stay so that Beatty can go forward with the suit.

On Thursday, April 30, Judge Carey agreed to accept initial briefs in the dispute by June 2, in advance of a June 10 hearing, stating: “I'm not inclined to order that discovery move forward at this point. I'll see what motions are filed.”

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