Debt Collectors Reach New Low

Just when you thought that you had heard it all....   A debt collection agency in Pennsylvania has been accused by that state's Attorney General of staging fake trials with a fake judge in a fake courtroom against people who allegedly owed debt.  "The Attorney General's Office told Team 4 that Unicredit lured debtors to the building by sending employees who appeared to be sheriff's deputies to their homes, implying that they would be taken into custody if they failed to appear at the phony court hearings.   'It really galls me that someone would stoop that low,' Erie County Sheriff Robert Merski said. 'This certainly seems to be a scam, and it upsets me that they are trying to play on the integrity of this office, the office of sheriff. We've been here since the beginning of the United States.'   The lawsuit accuses Unicredit of intimidating debtors into revealing their bank account numbers, even turning over the titles to their cars once they got them inside the building.   The Attorney General's Office is asking a judge to freeze the company's assets and order it to cease operations."

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