Great Insight on Whitey Bulger and the Government's Trial Against Him

If you are a fan of the Departed or the Sopranos, you will enjoy what you read about this former No. 1 on the F.B.I.'s Most Wanted List. The Trial of Whitey Bulger features expert insight into Whitey Bulger, the mafia, his life as an informant, and the inner workings of the F.B.I.

The author of The Trial of Whitey is a former Marine, former prosecutor, defense attorney and criminal trial attorney. He specialized in electronic investigations and has prosecuted hundreds of felony cases for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He defended a person in the first wiretap case tried in Massachusetts and oversaw more undercover, electronic surveillances than all others prosecutors in the Commonwealth combined during his careers, including surveillances targeting Whitey Bulger's criminal network. The author has written the authoritative book on the criminal trial against Whitey Bulger's long-time F.B.I. handler called, "Don't Embarrass the Family." Retired now in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, the author is closely following the case against Whitey Bulger.

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