River Rd. Hotel Partners, LLC v. Amalgamated Bank, 2011 U.S. App. LEXIS 13131 (June 28, 2011)

LexisNexis Overview: Bankruptcy court did not err in denying confirmation of Chapter 11 debtors' plans on the basis that they did not comply with the specific requirements of 11 U.S.C.S. § 1129(b)(2)(A)(ii) because debtors could not sell encumbered assets free and clear of liens without allowing the secured creditors to bid their credit at the asset auctions.

Counsel: For In the Matter of: RIVER ROAD HOTEL PARTNERS, LLC, RIVER ROAD EXPANSION PARTNERS, LLC, Debtor - Appellants: David M. Neff , Attorney, PERKINS COIE, Chicago, IL.

For AMALGAMATED BANK, Appellee: John W. Costello , Attorney, WILDMAN, HARROLD, ALLEN & DIXON LLP, Chicago, IL; Adam A. Lewis , Attorney, MORRISON & FOERSTER LLP, San Francisco, CA.

For UNITED STATES TRUSTEE, Trustee: United States Trustee, Attorney, OFFICE OF THE UNITED STATES TRUSTEE, Chicago, IL.

For LOAN SYNDICATIONS AND TRANDING ASSOCIATION, Amicus Curiae: Craig Goldblatt , Attorney, WILMER HALE LLP, Washington, DC.

Judges: Before CUDAHY, MANION, and HAMILTON, Circuit Judges. 

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