A Lesson from the Business Court on Pleading Partnership Liability

The June 8th opinion from Business Court Judge Judge Gale in Best Cartage, Inc. v. Stonewall Packaging, LLC, 2011 NCBC 15, dismissed the Plaintiff's complaint, finding its allegations that an alleged partner should be liable for the partnership debts, or otherwise liable on a veil piercing basis, were insufficient to state a valid claim.  There's also a choice of law issue.

The Plaintiff Best, which had contracted with the Defendant Stonewall to provide transportation services, sued another defendant, Jackson, arguing that Jackson and Stonewall were partners or joint  venturers or alternatively that Stonewall was Jackson's alter ego, and therefore liable for Stonewall's debt to the Plaintiff.

The facts that seemed to the Court  to be most detrimental to Plaintiff's claims of partnership were Best's own allegations that it had known of the claimed partnership before it entered into its contract only with the Defendant Stonewall LLC instead of with the partnership itself, and also that the contract made no mention at all of a relationship between Stonewall and Jackson but instead disclaimed the existence of any third party beneficiary to the contract.

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