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Arina Shulga
Addressing the Legal Needs of Small Businesses

The advance of the Internet has changed how we do business. Now, many businesses have moved online. One can do all the shopping, including the grocery shopping, without leaving home. Legal services have also evolved. While most law firms still hold...

Thomas Fox
How to Engage the Business Unit: Another Perspective-Swarm Ethics

In an article in the September issue of the ACC Docket , entitled " Swarm Ethics ", author James Nortz discusses a technique to improve decision making in "circumstances that present complex moral questions" which he designates...

Corporate and Securities Law Community Staff
Paul McGrady on the Regulations and Risks of Starting an Online Business

On this edition, Paul McGrady of Greenberg Traurig in Chicago and author of the recently published treatise " McGrady on Domain Names " discusses the regulations and risks involved in starting an online business. He talks about copyright challenges...

Thomas O. Gorman
Part IV: The New Era of FCPA Enforcement: Focus on Individuals and Calls for Reform

This is the fourth in a series of five articles that will be posted this week examining current trends in FCPA and anti-corruption enforcement. The posts are excerpts from a forthcoming article by Thomas Gorman and William McGrath. Focus on individuals...

Corporate and Securities Law Community Staff
A Practical Approach to Mitigating Data Breach Risk in an Interconnected World

by Ronald Weikers, Leslie Spasser and Rebecca Conner The laws governing data security impose varying obligations on businesses that maintain data, and courts are starting to weigh in as to the duties that exist between business customers and their vendors...

Thomas Fox
Due Diligence, Due Diligence and More Due Diligence

In an article published in the August 30, 2011 Wall Street Journal , entitled " Iran's Hong Kong Shipping Shell Game ", Claudia Rosett reported on efforts by Iran to reflag ships to companies with Hong Kong registries. While the focus...