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Thomas H. Clarke, Jr.
EPA proposes to reduce emissions from storage tanks at petroleum refineries

EPA has announced a revision to a proposal promulgated more than a year ago regarding reducing emissions from various types of storage tanks at 153 petroleum refineries. Among other amendments, EPA is now proposing more stringent requirements for fitting...

Tags: Air Quality
Thomas H. Clarke, Jr.
California's Air Resources Board proposes major limits on emissions from currently operating diesel trucks and buses

In prior posts it has been noted that the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach have been attempting to implement a program to reduce diesel emissions in the area of and around the Ports. Prior posts have also reviewed the many studies that have sought...

Thomas H. Clarke, Jr.
Lead shot hits shooting club in its assets

For a number of years, litigation and enforcement actions have been filed to require shooting and sports clubs to remediate the adverse environmental impact from the presence of lead shot in rivers, bays, and estuaries. See, for example, the frequently...

Thomas H. Clarke, Jr.
Participation in recycling programs may increase if solid waste agencies use single containers

Several decades ago, California, like many States, panicked at the thought that they would run out of space in existing landfills, and that few landfills would be constructed in the future. Therefore, they enacted aggressive programs to keep various waste...

Tags: Recycling
Thomas H. Clarke, Jr.
Giving notice before State initiates administration action combined with timely filing of complaint permits CWA citizen suit to go forward despite settlement between State and defendant, 11th Cir. holds

Cherokee Mining, LLC (CML) obtained permits from the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) to discharge pollutants into the waterways surrounding its mining operations in northern Alabama. CML was accused by Black Warrior Riverkeeper ...

J. Cullen Howe
Green Roofs

In this Emerging Issues Commentary, J. Cullen Howe of Arnold & Porter LLP’s New York office explains the basics of green roofs and their myriad benefits. He also discusses municipal laws that require or encourage their use in certain instances...