Unpub. BIA Cancellation Victory

Jose Quintero of Catholic Charities, Miami, won this recent victory at the BIA.  Bravo!  "[W]e conclude that the respondent warrants cancellation of removal as a matter of discretion. In finding that the respondent did not merit a favorable exercise of discretion, the Immigration Judge properly considered the respondent's attempt to obtain immigrant status through a sham marriage and her failure to pay taxes prior to 1997. ... However, while we do not wish to minimize the seriousness of these transgressions, we note that they occurred more than 13 years ago and that the respondent has regularly filed her tax returns since 1997. Moreover, in addition to caring for her family, the respondent has resided in the United States for more than 20 years, has no criminal record, and works as a certified nursing assistant. In light of the foregoing, we conclude that the respondent is eligible for and deserving of the relief sought, and we will sustain the appeal."  Matter of X-, Jan. 23, 2012, unpublished.