CA7 (Posner) on Entry: Margulis v. Holder

"The Board can reexamine, and if it wants overrule, a precedent, but it didn’t do that in this case.  It ignored it.  This is not permissible.  An agency must give reasons for abandoning a precedent. ... The citation of the case by the Board is incomprehensible, and the government’s argument in its brief that Klementanovsky displaces Sanchez is nonsense.  The Board has not provided a rational basis for its decision.  The petition for review is therefore granted and the case returned to the Board for further proceedings." - Margulis v. Holder, Aug. 5, 2013.  [Hats off to Geoffry Heeren at Valparaiso, and his law student, Yolanda Ruiz, who argued!]